Digital Printing Of T-Shirts

Although the technique most used in our stamping workshop is textile screen printing , the digital printing of t-shirts is gaining in popularity, and not surprising.

The digital printing (Direct to Garment) or DTG is a method of very high quality that allows unlimited color printing on T-shirts, by a textile art printer.

And is that there are designs impossible to reproduce in silkscreen, specifically those that are of the photographic type or that incorporate gradients, shadows or endless colors. With the digital printing you can print shirts in full color with an unsurpassed quality.

In some cases, as in T- shirts for designers, illustrators or clothing brands, they decide on the direct printing of T-shirts for their nice and very soft final touch, especially in white T-shirts.

Here are the advantages of customizing t-shirts in digital printing:

Short delivery times in small runs.

High quality and very resistant stamping.

Light touch.

No color limitation.

Can be worn on t-shirts of any color.

Instead, it is a technique that is somewhat less economical than screen printing, and can not be used on garments such as raincoats, caps or polar. If you need large runs of custom t-shirts at DTG, you should keep in mind that the delivery times will be lengthened a little.

Some designers like A Mi Rollo want fashion t-shirts to personalize that stand out from the classic t-shirts. The Sols Marylin T-shirt was chosen for its latest design. Loose cut, silky touch and very broad neck, it is a flattering and modern model that does not go unnoticed!

You can visit the online store MustBuyShirts to make you with this cool t-shirt. And that’s how they look great!

If you want to create a brand of t-shirts and you have doubts about which garment or stamping technique to choose, you just have to contact us and we will help you.