Dior Garden Party Collection

Also I, sent to a few parts of the upcoming Spring collection “garden party” by Dior to test like some other bloggers, get. I would like to imagine things like individually. Today comes directly the heart piece of the collection – the clutch, officially the long name “Dior garden clutch makeup palette for glowing eyes and lips” has. There will be two clutches – the “Milly Garden”, which I will show you today and the “Granville Garden”, which was already presented such as → me.

The collection itself is already rather pastellig, cheesy, very girlish. I managed, because it gives a little youthful freshness the sometimes rather ld-fashioned style from Dior. Of course, the kitsch is a matter of taste. Some parts I like very much, I would so also does not even buy others, such as E.g. the 5 Couleurs eyeshadow palettes, even if the eye shadows are top (normally, I have but the pallets to test, therefore I am referencing no eg → ISA). The two clutches are really very pretty and also the Rouge is a true eye-catcher. The lip products I liked very well, I show three of them you during the presentation round yet.

But now it is called first: caution, eyecandy!

On the press photos I found rather boring the range – a big issue was already blue in the autumn collection and so the range once bored me. I would have me scary about that “Granville Garden” – in hindsight clutch been looking forward, I am very glad to have gotten this one – in she look real is again quite different…

The packaging:
The clutch is located in a large, silver cardboard box (which is protected only once with a plastic packaging) – the highlight pieces from the collections are usually in a special box, so also here. Brand new for me was how it looks inside: the clutch is protected through tissue paper, wrapped in white tissue paper with pink CD printing (on the picture above you can see it quite well). To roll on this paper, the following, beautiful sight on the daylight comes:

A real luxury is the clutch, about 11 × 7 cm. There are two roses on the opening page, such as in an old wallet the clutch can be open. Front as rear surface in tender is pink as woven. The logo on a silver plate on the top (front – lift Please also this page) is attached.

You is easy (but not alone!) on and clicks again when closing. I suppose it is installed an invisible magnet.

To open the clutch, the wonderful contents will appear. Included are three eye shadow colors that are co-ordinated, a dark blue tone with a light touch of grey, a light blue, also a grayish tone and a bright, pastel Rosé. All three colors have a gentle glow.
Right are two glosses, which are protected by a cover. Big YAY for it (again) think! So, no eyeshadow crumbs in the creamy textures can fall and sows up everything.
To start everything with a thin plastic protection is covered, you can quickly remove.

Also involved:a double-sided brush (sponge applicator and Pinselchen for the gloss) and a large mirror.

The content:
As mentioned above, in addition two gloss contained three eyeshadow. There is no individual grams data – a total 8.40 g are included. The entire range weighs more of course.
An expiration date is located on the small paper, which is attached to the “opening rose”. 6 months – it is of course blame the gloss. I can imagine me but that the range will be longer if you use them properly and kept clean.
The price probably ruined everything that was so beautiful: €74, the clutch is indeed not a bargain. You can imagine how grateful I am to have received it for the blog!

The product (application, texture, colors/finishes):
The clutch itself is already really WOW. The contents can be seen. The Eyeshadows are buttery and have – until on the Rosé clay a good color output. The Rosé tone should be but probably also not opaque – instead a beautiful pink shimmer can be with him conjure up that sure looks as a highlighter. The two shades of blue going in the grayish, especially the darker this almost looks like a dark grey – you can here more or less turn it and: blue with grey stitch or gray with bluish – both fits.The bright shade of blue has also a gray tint in this, is applied but rather in the silvery, because the shimmer is particularly strong.

The two gloss are beautiful, but in the pans but transparent, especially the left, brighter sound. The right but not visible yet minimal pink, gives applied. A color would have been there. Or simply none at all because a transparent gloss for me personally not necessarily belongs in a such (expensive) range – either color or nothing at all.

Applied eye shadow without base and with the fingers. All swatches on the back of the hand.

My conclusion:
The “Milly Garden”-clutch is a true luxury product. Beautifully designed, both outside and inside with eye shadow and lip gloss. A bit ambivalent, I am the glosses, because it actually is waste (both product and money terms) to put clear gloss in a range. If, then it should be with more color. In the pans, it looks cute though, and thanks to the flap the system in itself does not necessarily make sense is well thought out, but the product according to GROWTHEOLOGY. Who don’t mind, which is like at least the range because the eye shadow. Everything here is top:colors and color scheme, opacity, texture and color output. The Eyeshadows are as usual at Dior top.
As always a Unnötigkeitsfaktor: The sponge applicator. This is while two-sided, but the brush on the other side is the glosses, it is a lip brush. After all, that’s great — so you can work hygienically. And color-technically it doesn’t matter, because both are colorless, so you can confidently go gloss with the brush in both. An eyeshadow pin Moose would have it all right, but my personal taste, so this is not a negative point in itself.

The only real factor here is the price. ~ €74,-are really steep. You get a wonderful product after all alone when I think of the clutch itself or for example the beautiful flower embossing the eyeshadow. Anyway, it’s really expensive and not something you buy just so. Rather a collector’s item – I would have spent the money, I would be very unhappy if I used it for the first time (or geswatched in this case) would have. Somehow you always what “destroys”, and be it only the fingerprints on the places silver shiny (oh, how I hate!).

Left at the end to tell me:who the gloss and the price do not disturb, which can be accessed here – the range is really great on the two points and an optical highlight. Also to use great and justifiably the product of collection.