Dior “Le Grand Bal” Christmas Collection

The “star product” the Christmas collection “Le Grand Bal” by Dior is this palette, which contains two eye shadows, two lip gloss colors and an eyeliner (which also serves as pallets-lock!). She is golden, glamorous and the content of glitters and dazzles. The beautiful thing also has a corresponding price: €84,-.
What is the range to an absolute collectors item . Because if you buy this range, either has too much money left over or wants just a wonderful part for the makeup collection. As a blogger, I “must” unfortunately do, what has really hurt me in the case – use the range. Because if somebody on the idea comes to pay this price, to use them, which is also a review to find. 🙂 And warning – flood of images! 😉

The range is located in a golden box (as well as nail polish and lipsticks of the collection too – everything is styled very “Diorific”!). The carton is stable, the range of protected – a further cardboard so ep4000 to unfold.

Taking out the range, it is wrapped in fine, printed with CD logo in gold tissue paper – like a little gift you can unpack now it.

This comes to the fore then Golden (and unfortunately incredibly fingerprint-prone!) Casket. In large, integrated letters, Dior is on top, it’s locked with a magnetic, purse-like fastener in the letters CD are marked, which is held in place by the pencil.

The usual details about the product, such as name, stand on the back of both English and French, the quantity, durability and origin. As the batch number (in this case “2U1E”).

To open, only subtracting the pencil from the eyelets and can then open the palette. I find this idea so wonderful! It is something very special and fits perfectly with the style of the range.

Open he radiates a immediately eyeshadow contrary – he is beautifully processed, has a magical embossing, such as patterned fabric, he is raised and lowered wavy in the pans.
The Lipgloss is located under a lid (like getting something that I like to praise, because if textures in a range are already two, must the creamy – protect little crumb, that cream pollute and thus break can – durability is then significantly shorter than it already is!).
With this (in addition to the pencil): a double-sided sponge applicator (shame!) and a Pinselchen for the gloss.

Swatches on the back of the hand:

My lips are currently unfortunately not presentable, still I would like to withhold pictures of wearing you:

Left the transparent gloss with golden highlights (unfortunately difficult to adhere is and what the camera to despair = blur brought…) and Red-gloss with a beautifully delicate shimmer pink (the color got really me!).

On the lips both gloss feels great, barely sticky, it pleasantly creamy and slightly.

Applies the eyeshadow: perfect! Although they are very, very glitzerig, and thus of course also really a matter of taste, but the texture fits. When you record with the brush, the texture crumbles a bit, not much, but I wanted to also not unsaid let it. On the eyelids a base is of course, that the glitter – if you want to do it – is still intensified, the result is opaque. But even so the color and glitter levy is very good, when applying falls only extremely little glitter on the cheeks, which is but easy to remove.

I’ve already melted a look with the eye shadow and the eyeliner and the result looks like this:

My conclusion:
Even if the range is high, €84,-are just too much. The eye shadows are so beautiful and so much especially the Red pink me gloss enthusiastically has, the price is too high, just so to buy the range. And you really spent money for it, will use hurt every time pretty (at least my makeup heart stares every time a crumbly – namely previously already time trial I had melted the look). Collector’s item just.
But so much I always speak of the collectible, the range is actually too good to be just to look at it, because especially for the festive season, this is a good range with beautiful eyeshadow, which look not just only beautiful in the pans, but really do on the eye here and the quality of which convinced. Also the glosses are top and I have to expose anything, I think it’s great because even the color selection – a transparent gloss with gold shimmer fits perfectly to the rest, if it should be a little less “b” and has if you want a little more color with the Red pink “Strawberry gloss” (how I now spontaneously have baptized him) a wonderfully harmonious color, which is pretty glamorous. Also the eye liner, which is “just” a nice goodie (I didn’t need it really really), boasting good, jet-black ink transfer and good durability.

I can so don’t even gripe that the range would not be “worth” their price (okay, the sponge applicator is the only “negative” part in the palette, but also I see across – as with all pallet…). Where value is a big word here, of course, because you’ll pay not only for the content, but definitely also for the glamorous look.

In this sense: Who has the money and wants to spend it, can do safely, because the range is really great!