Dior Spring-Summer, the Mystery of a Collection of Nature

In an incomparable setting, in the heart of Paris, a place that art lovers know well, surrounded by exceptional gardens took place yesterday, Friday, September 27, the Parade Dior ready-to-wear spring-summer 2014 designed by Raf Simons.

On the occasion of the Paris Fashion Week, the signature paraded his models in the Park of the museum Rodin, under a metal pergola decorated with exotic flowers, glicineas, climbing orchids and lianas of colors falling in Cascades mauves, Greens and oranges, creating a wonderful optical effect, since the models seemed nymphs wandering through the garden of Eden.

Once inside this imaginary jungle, it was also a nod to the garden of Monsieur Dior in Granville, let us talk of the new collection that seems determined to assert themselves with respect to the Dior style, and take it to the end where the lyrical romanticism can become dangerous.

However, the new collection of Raf Simons for Dior maintains the elegance and class, but it is more spontaneous, and although the opulence that characterizes the signature can still be seen, their classic codes seem to have been genetically modified.

The mujer-flor seems to be experiencing a mutation. Luce dresses covered with logos on a flowery wallpaper that seemed to echo the decoration. The famous Bar jacket appeared cut to the waist. Their skirts looked like shorts. The bias-cut pleated suffered a metamorphosis, becoming vestidos-esculturas.

The point, an incredible lightness, is associated with the organza – fabric fashion this season. RAF Simons has reinterpreted the iconic silhouettes in a bright Jacquard, woven with threads of silver and covered by tiny flowers.

An excellent result, a collection of fairy tale with which the designer has managed to extasiar to all those attending the parade.

If the goal was to give a push to the historic signing, we can say that he has succeeded. The key to the collection have been, above all, accessories. Colorful necklaces of glass, hand-painted Python and crocodile bags. The metamorphosis of Dior has begun, Simons has managed the miracle. Do you like the new look of Dior style? Tell us on clothesbliss.com.