Dior: Stiletto Meets Sneaker

The hybrid pumps by Dior is a fusion of stiletto and sneaker.

With Chefdesiger Belgian, Shelf Simons, Dior has found a progressive maker which blows good fresh wind in the traditional. The new hybrid pumps should be a good example for this: in a stunning merger meet sneaker sole and black stiletto.

Dior just intensively deals with sneakers. Flat ideas with flower embroidery in the spring collection was to see 2014. The “fusion sneaker” were ambivalent but quite cleverly designed.Made of powerful functional fabric and embroidered with flowers, to carry Haute Couture in the urban world. RAF Simons has the idea of feminine, urban chic and important for the collection autumn winter developed 2014/2015: who don’t want to miss out on stiletto, but loves comfort at the foot, find both here.

Hybrid Pumps by Dior

Admitted: the futuristic hybrid pumps is risky. Similar to the fusion sneaker, above all the mixture is exceptional in this shoe. The pumps the plateau in a green reflective finish also made of leather is from black Ice calf leather like a stiletto-shaped, in addition the light blue rubber sole. The design is rounded off by a black wedge heel and ankle strap.

A small story delivers the House Dior one at that: “it is a woman of full of energy, the light foot through the scenery of an abstract city walks, an Conquer, which carries all the symbols of triumphant femininity. The urban landscape, in which it has developed, is their territory: it has taken over their codes and formed into a style, which elegantly combines the wit of sophisticated, glamorous clothes with street wear influences. On her feet she wears sneaker of a whole new generation that accidentally take an exceptional look with a paragraph. “With flying colors, the Dior woman wears this style mix, this creative junction, which is a high heel to the sporty pumps and classic black leather with orange, sky blue, mint green or bright yellow is combined.”

RAF Simons Designs New Type of Woman

“This season, I wanted to present a new type of woman”, explains the artistic director of Dior, “a woman of full strength and bubbling energy”. This urban energy to reflect primarily the hybrid pumps. The stiletto, symbol of feminine, powerful woman, merged with a functional sneakers for which no asphalt is too hard. Available now in selected boutiques.