Dive Insurance

With the arrival of spring and the possibility of enjoying warm days and more hours of sunshine, we will carry out a greater number of dives and more frequently. Therefore, we will devote an entry on the blog where we will review our knowledge of diving to increase our security.

Contrary to what may seem, the diving is considered one of sports safer that exist. It is one of the few sports in which you need to pass different exams to practice it because that is required to pass theoretical tests, practices and medical. To be able to dive, also required the help of technology aimed largely at security, which guarantees a rate of accidents really low.Diving is required to have health insurance that covers costs of accidents.

Campingship provides the tips for you to enjoy a safe dive:

1 we diving never alone:

Possibly this is the maxim of the diving: never dive without partner, diving is a team sport. It is possible that at some point you’ve seen some diver, almost always fotosubs in environments closed as marine parks, that diving only.

Yes, there are people who do it, but is not recommended, and much less for those who begin to dive because before any unforeseen would have to get them only in a situation in which the performance of your partner could be decisive.

  1. check the equipment before entering the water:

We will have to carry it out before each of our dives. We verify that our equipment and our colleague is working properly and we take it properly.

Some general considerations such as:

Open the faucet, aspirate by controller and observe the pressure gauge does not descend, the air does not have a strange taste and check the Octopus, as we have done with the master controller.

We will review the signs with our partner

Vest inflation before immersion while we wait.

3 dive if you are well to do so:

No we will carry out any immersion if we feel bad physically or we are not in optimal conditions to do so. Your body knows more than you in sports medicine, and will tell you when you should not dive, to ignore it.

4 dive adapting to less experienced diver level:

If less experienced Diver certification says that it can not dive beyond the 21 meters, that is the maximum that we must achieve, everything has a why.

Knowledge and experience are needed extra to perform dives safely. You don’t hurry, you learn to dive, unlock levels with effort and dedication.

  1. always together:

If the visibility is bad, we will remain less than 2 meters of our colleague. If it is good, maximum 5 meters. If you have a problem with the air, you’ll see five meters are very long.

  1. do not we diving if the sea conditions are bad:

If being on the surface we see that the sea conditions are bad, we not diving. They can go from bad to worse and do not contemplate that possibility.

7 check the forecast before departure:

Make sure that both currents and climatic conditions are suitable for diving and you’re equipped to, for example, deal with strong currents.

8 plan the dive:

We’ll plan the dive and diving according to planning. There is never enough planning and is vital to dive safely.

9 always diving with your knife:

Diving knife is necessary (and mandatory) in many places when you get under the water. Make sure you take it before you enter and that is sharp and which will not fall off during the dive.

10 choose your Kit:

It is important to notice in the temperature of the water at each time of the year to find out what type of diving suit will take.Dry suits leave them for dives with the water less than 10 ° C and from there your experience will tell you to if you have to use one of seven millimeters, five hooded (remember that much heat is lost by the head), one or two pieces, with or without undershirt… Cold or uncomfortable heat can complicate your dip.

11 always carry a Deco buoy:

Always carry a Deco buoy to be marked, it will be a reference for all vessels. Whenever you can and it is thus planned, salt more close to her.

  1. you eat enough, without excess:

Much to eat before a dive will miss reflexes, are more sleepy and have worse ability to react to a possible problem. It passes hunger (looking for balance). Keep in mind that you need to be in good physical condition for any sport, and to be able to dive, you have to carry your gear, flap. In addition, if the time of having to help your companion with any problem, it will come I well have energy.

13 comes with time and learn:

With time you will reach the point of immersion, watch the sea, chat with other divers, she asked to leave and who will enter…All this will help you to be more relaxed and have more time to concentrate on the dive, relax, and enjoy.

  1. not keep your breath when you Ascend:

This advice is aimed mostly for the Open, is another vital aspect of diving.

When you are climbing not you contain never breath since the pressure drops and the volume of air in your lungs is growing, so if you don’t have it you will suffer lung sobreexpasion and you can suffer serious physical damage.

15 make yourself visible in the water:

It is not more to carry some extra fluorescent element that makes you more visible in situations of low visibility, that will help you to meet your teammate should miss or take far distances.

16 it flees in panic:

During a dive, small problems can occur that panic makes them serious problems. To any incident the main thing is to act calmly so tranquillity allows us to think and solve the problem.

  1. do not fly until 24 hours after your last dive:

Although they have been 12 hours after a dive that has not needed decompression stop, it could fly, but it is recommended to let 24 hours since your last dive and naturally eliminate the residual nitrogen before getting on a plane.

18 watch your pressure gauge:

Look at it from time to time and notifies your partner when you arrive in the middle of the bottle.

19 go to the doctor if you feel ill:

If after the dive you feel nausea, headaches or strong discomfort, do not hesitate to go to the doctor and do you a review.

  1. don’t you push:

If you are not trained to put in a tunnel, you afraid to dive in the cave or not feel prepared to enter a wreck, don’t. Do not feel pressured by the Group and dive with confidence, you know your limits.

21 you trust all your partner:

Keep in mind that it is possible that sometime during your dives, you are faced with a difficult situation under water and have to fix it by yourself (cramps, pain in the ears by compensation, loss of the mask or a flap). Study, practice and prepare if at some point you have to help yourself.

22 Mar:

The last step so you dive insurance is to realize that beneath the water are insignificant. You are the only one who can worry about your own safety, if you do not respect it can harm you.


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