Do We Know what Luxury Brands Are Talking about?

You are in a meeting of friends or tennis with your co-workers. Enjoying the conversation that is going around on the most varied topics, and as the most sociable human beings, want to impress the group talking about the best of what you like and conveys style or What possessions considered luxury.

And jumps that person in which not expected you and loose: “ bought it in Adolfo Dominguín ” (real case lived by myself). Neeec, has sounded worse than the player’s Ally McBeal. All the glamour that you trying to transmit, by soils.

If we have that kind of doubts about brands, best chiton. Is a good read to review the Biographies or interviews published in quality fashion magazines, don’t buy them only for images. You learn a lot from its small and large letter.

Once phoned me a client and he commissioned a large such as fresh Legrain Cologne bottle, when I told him the price, I was surprised: “ is not, it is much more expensive. Are you sure that Legrain, of bees is? ”. With all due respect to Lady, confused mark Legrain with Guerlain, the colony of bees, is not something What is proud.

This is an exceptional case but there are insignificant details that we can avoid and will give us that extra point of know-how as well feel. Let’s talk about languages.

Globalization has us a little crazy all but must be fought by not losing identity or personality. If we read: Payot Paris, know that it is a French brand and non-American, for example. Then it will not be a cosmetic payot but payó. Today all we have notions of French and English to solve this detail with style.

A friend was convencidisima that Prada was an American brand and Loewe was the laugh-ne-go-plus leather goods made in Paris. If you have a Loewe bag, although they have given you for your birthday, have a bit of curious to know from where comes this beauty with handles.

In the end, that is not to overwhelm you but, if you like the world of elegance, glamour and style, which not just for pretend. When you know the history of your luxury watch manufacturer, you’ll be proud to wear it. Chanel marked history. If you know that your suit jacket, it will be double pleasure to wear it.

Many luxury items are made by hand and, if you care a little more in processing or manufacturing, I am sure that surprises you both like the story of the beginnings of the firm principles of the century or even in the last century. Luxury is to enjoy it with double vision: exterior and interior.