Does Zara Extend Her Sizing Up To XXL? Not Quite True

Is it really that the brand “succumbed to the curves”, as some assured?I started to investigate about it and this is what I found

It all began in the second week of May when several Spanish-speaking media began to reply the note that “At last Zara had succumbed to the curves and would extend their sizes to the XXL.”

I’m going to be very honest, the news seemed strange because I remember having in my wardrobe a skirt of that size I bought one day that I accompanied my sister shopping and waiting outside the tester, with no hope of finding something For me because, let’s go, I really hope that something from there I lost it for many years … of course, unless I go for shoes, bags or buy two identical clothes and things to form one of my size .Otherwise, forget it.

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Then I was there in a corner, waiting, when I saw in the distance something that my eyes did not really believe: it was a BEAUTIFUL skirt and it looked like it was my size! When I tried it, I swore I was hallucinating: yes, I definitely would. And yes, the size was XXL , when I am regularly XL size , but look, that was the least because it could have been the size that is, but the really surreal was to have found – unwittingly – that Zara did reach that size in Some of his clothes .

From this experience has already been at least six years, so it seemed very strange that suddenly there was the boom that this Spanish brand Inditex had that size, why not already had it? Anyway I decided to investigate about it and not to stay with the doubt, nor to replicate the news without having confirmed with the main source: that is, the brand itself.

Zara says, two points

What does Zara say about it? I reply exactly what they answered me in their Department of Communication and Institutional Relations of Inditex Mexico when I asked them about all this media hubbub:

“Hello Montse.
How are you? We talked to the central office to corroborate this information, which although we know we wanted to reaffirm that there was no alteration or modification in the pattern (sizes). Actually this is not new news, since size XXL is a size that has already been included in our regular size for many years and is equivalent to size 42 (12 American). Depending on the model is the size. You will find some garments only in size M and L, and many in sizes ranging from XS to XL, and even XXL, everything depends on pattern and design, but this has always been the case for many years.I hope this information is useful to you. ”

And there is solved the mystery of the ” new size of Zara .” In conclusion, it is a half-truth because the brand does handle (and handle) sizes up to the XXL , but it is something that has done for a long time.

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I hope I have clarified some doubts. By the way I use to leave a table of equivalences of sizes so that they can guide if they buy clothes in Mexico, in Europe and in the US, hopefully it is useful to them:

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