Dog Training-When the Dog Is Home Alone

Dog alone in the apartment

A very complicated problem nowadays is how to leave dog alone in the apartment without a drama.
Dog alone all day in your home or apartment has become something quite common, even because of the life that we have today.
However, not all dogs accept this situation. In that case, they might start crying, howling and barking excessively, attracting complications for the owner.
Sometimes this condition is known as separation anxiety syndrome .
So it’s important to start early to teach the dog to be alone for a certain period, so he wouldn’t freak out when that happens really.
Of course, no one will leave dog alone weekend piece. And, if you do that, you’re going to have to take several practical attitudes such as the place where he will do the needs, and access to water and fresh food.

Dog alone in the apartment-how to teach?

Check out these 5 tips to help your pet to stay home alone without freaking out:
1) never let a big stock of kibble for your dog. Get used to feeding in a balanced way.
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Remember, if you leave the dog alone for a long time inside an apartment, he didn’t ingest too many calories during the day, so accumulated in only once.
This could cause you some inconvenience, as leave to absorb all the nutrients from the diet. Dogs that eat this way can start to eat its own feces.
In addition, he may end up suffering from obesity.
Give him small portions distributed in at least three meals.

Dog alone too long

Of course, if you’re going to be away from home for a long time, this can be a complicating.
Therefore, calculate the maximum he can ingest per day and fracione 3 servings.
Before you leave, let him the equivalent of two (in case you spend the morning and most of the afternoon outside).
This is the limit during your absence. The rest he will receive only at night.

In addition, you can purchase an automatic feeder for dogs .

This is a device that releases a certain amount of feed on predetermined schedules, preventing him ingest large amounts at once. Take a look at the shops.

2) To say good-bye to your dog, try to keep a neutral tone of voice. Many dog owners feel guilty about leaving your pet alone for a whole day and say goodbye to guilt in her voice.
What happens here is the following: dogs can recognize various voice tones from their owners. And realize that something is wrong by the way they drive them.
The dog can guess exactly when it’s going to be “abandoned”. And that’s scary for him and raises anxiety.
So, when we think about How to get the dog to stop barking when alone, Tip is pretty simple: talk naturally with your dog , not “fire” too; no apparent fault. Get out and don’t look back.
Gradually he will understand that you will come back.
3) Let intelligent toys to dog him to have fun in your absence. There are several types of animal games and toys for various occasions.
01-Tip Create home interactive toys for dogs. Get a pet bottle and make small holes. Put some feed grain and close well.

Give it when you are away. He will spend a lot of time taking the bottle and trying to get the feed grains inside. You won’t even see the time passing.
02-Tip Drill a hole in a tennis ball and pass a strong cord inside it; tie the string in a fixed point and let your dog pull the ball till you drop.
03-Tip Choose some toys that are your favourites and let your available only during those periods, keeping them when you are at home. In this way, these toys will become special; He will only have access to them when you’re alone.

4) Let your shirt used, for him to feel your smell. This will help you a lot.
For example, if your goal is to leave dog alone in the apartment, the shirt will comfort you during this time away from you. The same if he will be alone in the House (patio).

My dog barks a lot when I go out

5) Leave a TV or stereo on. If he does not usually bark excessively, search on youtube dog barking sounds and let playing for him.
However, if the dog likes to bark, it’s not a good idea to hear more sounds of barking. The dog that doesn’t bark usually in excess (or only barks when you’re alone), can hear sounds of barking from youtube without problems.
But if he has a problem with barking, use the other tips.

Why the dog doesn’t like to be alone?

Stay lonely for a long time just generating a certain stress in the puppy.
For being a gregarious animal, the dog can’t stand well alone. He will always get the proximity of another dog or person.
Still, it must be borne in mind that certain breeds have a greater difficulty adjusting to loneliness. If it is small or very young, the situation can be even more serious.

Ideal dog to be alone

The ideal dog to be alone is anyone who has been properly trained and find normal to get a few hours without the owner’s company.
Even so, actually there are races that are best suited to solitude. If your goal is to leave the dog alone in the apartment, race is an important item in that equation.
Between the races more adaptable to solitude, we can list these 4:

These breeds of dogs can learn more easily to be alone while the owner is away. Are more peaceful and hardly go into meltdown.
However, a lot of it is related to training and to the fact that the dog to be polite, since childhood, to support a few hours of solitude.

What happens when the dog stands alone?

The dog that gets very lonely for a large part of the day, has a tendency to crack, scratch furniture carpets, destroy curtains.
It may be that also end up auto-mutilando, which is always a condition hazardous to your health.
He can’t understand, nor assimilate properly, what’s going on.

For him, this whole situation can resemble an abandonment, and to learn that this abandonment is temporary, he suffers a lot and can develop bad habits.
Therefore, it is necessary to teach the dog that the abandonment is only temporary. It is important that he know that.

Sometimes he has to be alone

The current life has transformed our mascots in dogs for apartment, that is, they no longer have a large garden for fun, like they used to.

Because of the pace of our lives, it is often necessary to leave the dog home alone during much of the day to go to work. So you need to make them more independent.
With this, we mean that you need to learn simple tricks and quick to get the dog to accept the fact that, from time to time, have to be alone.

When your puppy can be a good portion of the time alone without crying, barking, howling or destroy the House, he learned to be independent.
The next time you have to leave, he won’t be worried, it’s not going to freak out.
After all, in this world, full of worries and lack of time for everything, it is not always possible to stay with your pet all day.

Tame the dog be alone

If you still do not know How to teach the dog to behave right during your absence, should start thinking about it.
The barking, yelping, weeping and howling of your puppy can cause outrage among neighbors, which eventually can turn into revenge against your mascot.
The good news is that it is not always necessary to tame the dog because of the barking, wailing and howling. Sometimes it is possible to resolve the situation through some tricks and tricks.

How to teach the dog to sleep alone

In addition to staying home alone during a portion of the day, many dogs have to sleep alone all night.
It is normal for the dog to sleep on your walks or in the cabin. It is not bad or evil. The dog has to have a place to sleep and stay the night.
If he cries or begins to Yelp in search of attention, see these techniques we show here.

Stay home alone is not the end of the world

Anyway, it’s not the end of the world. You must understand that you have responsibilities, and everything should be done for the common good. The important thing is the relationship healthy, guilt-free and without troubles.
Moreover, it is always useful to learn a little more about how to care for and educate your puppy.
Teach the dog to being alone at home without destroying the furniture, no barking during 8 hours non-stop, is an obligation of the owner.
The neighborhood it’s not your fault you have to leave for work or study. Your dog must learn to be held while you’re away.

90% Tricks. Without training.

We don’t like to adestramentos long and tiring. We want to “fix” quickly the bad habits of our dogs (excessive barking, destruction of the House, painful bites, habit of ingesting feces, etc.) without school, only with tricks.