Doubleback: Van Adapted For Camping

In Europe has grown a lot the market for vans, trailers and cars adapted for exploring nature, however with some comfort. The Dobleback is another one of those interesting means of locomotion that really put the British engineers to work!
This can easily become the sweet spot of many people. The company made the adjustment in a van sold regularly in England, the VW Transporter. The Doubleback can be purchased already adapted, but if the person already has the correct car it is also possible to make the adaptation, which basically is a craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology.

As you can see in the images above, the body of the van almost doubles when part of it slides out creating the two environments. The main part is with the role of being the kitchen and living room while the compartment that opens to the back can easily turn into a room. The transformation takes only 45 seconds.

In addition the roof also opens up creating a delightful space, where you can walk on foot inside the van.
In Europe the camping market, whether with tent, van, trailer not to grow and adapt to the new world reality where the people have people have an easier time offset and has an interest in getting to know new places. The Doubleback was made so much thinking about the people who only seek comfort to be next to nature but also to adventurers who need space and structure to hit the road and go perform adventures in different locations. Thinking about that company cares to disclose that the height and length lets you carry inside surfboards or even bicycles. You can’t really lose any market share.
And Brazil, when will it begin to adapt to the new times.