Doubts About India’s 3-Euro-Smartphone

A Smartphone for 251 rupees, equivalent of 3.30 euros? Thus, a provider in Indian newspapers made advertising last week. Now it turns out: the whole campaign could be a big scam.

Meanwhile on the 3 euro Smartphone doubts, which last week introduced the Indian company of Ringing bells. She had advertised the Smartphone freedom 251 in Indian newspapers, which should be made available for approximately 3.28 euro (251 rupees) without binding contract for the sale. By the low price it was considered one of the best smartphones in the

world. Meanwhile the Ministry of electronics and information technology deals is however according to the times of India with the company and its offer, and the Ministry of revenue is involved in the iPhone case featured on Howsmb.

Not lower than 30 Euro

The investigation was spurred by the Indian Smartphone industry (ICA) strongly doubting the price of smartphones. According to experts, the Smartphone when the prices of the individual components must be not lower than approximately 30 euros. The Ministry has therefore ordered the chiefs of ringing bells, President Ashok Chaddha and Director Mohit Goel to clarify the business model. Gabriel made it clear that Ringing Bells per Smartphone despite the low price still around 40 cents might make.

Nevertheless, is now also the Ministry of tax revenue on the case become aware and has initiated investigations. Employees of the company based in Noida were already questioned by police officers.

Prototype comes from the competitors

Should have caused a sensation also, that were exposed in the prototypes of the freedom of 251 as umgelabelte smartphones of the competitors of Adcom. According to the times of India ringing bells have said, to relate parts of its Smartphones from Taiwan to make then produce it in India. Also, you seek to sell about 5 million freedom 251. All previously ordered smartphones will also be delivered until June 30.

The company was able to save after its advertising for the freedom of 251 from willing to purchase. The page has been bombarded with about 600,000 clicks per second. She was soon no longer reachable through the strong utilization. On the evening of 20 February, the page has been fully closed.

Political involvements

For Indian politics of the vertebrae is to not underestimate the freedom of 251, finally, several Indian Government initiatives such as “make in India” and “Digital India” support the market introduction. How much are the grants, is unclear. Ashok Chaddah stated that several Ministry employees with them would have been, because they wanted to be successful with “make in India”, “skill India” and “Startup India” programs. The staff would leave some guidelines and pledged full support and cooperation.

According to Ringing Bells, the freedom of 251 is a Smartphone with Android 5.1 and a 4-inch display. Other amenities: quad core processor from Qualcomm with 1.3 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB Flash, two cameras, one with 3.2 MP and the front-facing camera with 0.3 MP.

[Update] Corrected a wrong statement to the cameras. Please excuse the mistake.