Drag and Drop in Google Docs Uploading

This Google not to invent features to Google Docs. There was a time when attention was turned over to Gmail, but now is the turn of productivity gain new service quite interesting features. And the time, announced yesterday by the company, is to drag and drop into the Docs.

Make sending new files and documents to Google Docs gets easier from now on , thanks to drag and drop integrated into this page . The user can simply open a Windows Explorer or Finder window, choose which files you want to send to upload and then drag the selected items to the area of the page with this functionality. It’s simple, and the best: it works.

All though it is still not a drag and drop content into documents – as an image into a presentation, for example – but is an advance towards a Google Docs with greater integration with the desktop. It works with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and AppleSafari (no Opera and Internet Explorer, at least for now).

And it costs remember: Google Docs is no longer just a productivity service, also allowing the backup of any file from your computer. Given this scenario, it is in good time that Google releases the drag and drop on the upload page.