Dressing Well for a Wedding

The clothing that you can wear to a wedding can be really varied, from take a casual look to wear something formal, the decision can be a little tricky. I recommend you read hoticle.com so that you learn how to dress well for a wedding.

Dressing Well for a Wedding

Read the invitation

In the invitations will tell you the style of clothing that you have to use, semi-formal, casual or formal, and they will give you more important information, such as the place and the time of day.

  • Mostly weddings are semi-formal, therefore men have to use costume and the women have to wear dress cocktail and high heel.
  • For the sophisticated and elegant weddings, men have to wear a tuxedo and women should use prom dress. Even women can wear cocktail dresses. Use elegant jewelry as pearls and jewels which perfectly complement the dress.

Keep in mind the place

There are places for weddings that actually require a more formal than other array. For example; If the wedding is on the beach or anywhere else abroad during the day, it is important that the arrangement is really casual. On the other hand, the wedding that is made inside needed a more formal arrangement.

Think of the climate, the time of day, the season of the year

Weddings are performed in the night and in the winter time are more formal than those weddings that are held during the day in the season of spring or summer.

  • For a wedding that takes place in autumn or winter, you need to use dresses with sequins, beads or lace. Dresses, one-shoulder dresses flared, strapless and dresses tied at the waist are appropriate. For clothing that you use outside, choose a fur coat, a velvet jacket, or a sailor jacket. If the weather is too cold is to use socks under your dress.
  • Weddings that are held in the summer or spring season are more casual. If you use a spring dress, length must be wound to the knee or slightly above. Choose floral or pastel colors such as peaches, the creams or the beige.

Find out your role in the ceremony

If you’re a bridesmaid or an important person of the wedding, you have to ask the bride to know very well what to wear. Many of the brides tell bridesmaids that used the same dresses, but if the bride says that each look for her dress, I recommend you to have in mind the following guidelines:

  • Avoid the use of bright colors and prints of color gold, color seaweed, silver, orange or striped. These colors distracting and can remove protagonism to the bride. You have to choose a dress which length reaches to the knee or slightly above. Never opt for a dress too revealing, because it is not respectful or distracted.
  • The godparents have to wear a tuxedo or a suit, depending on the type of wedding. Semi-formal weddings must use suit, while sophisticated weddings recommend the use of smoking. The costume that you have to use must be super well and opts for grey or black color.
  • Parents of the groom and bride have to dress appropriately for the event and for their age. The mothers of the groom and bride worn a skirt that comes below the knees a little more and you never have to use too many eye-catching colors.