Dutch Professional Football Club

Elitserien in the Dutch professional soccer has 18 clubs. Some clubs Exchange plays in the Eredivisie arranged with one or more years in the Jupiler League. This article is a list, in no particular order, represented by the stadiums of the 20 clubs from the Dutch professional football.Where clubs renovate periodically their arenas, in order to expand capacity, number of seats can be out of date.

Amsterdam Arena

Club: Ajax
Completion: 1996
Capacity: 52 960 sites
Visiting address: ArenA Boulevard 1, 1101 AX Amsterdam Southeast
Phone: 3120 to 3.111.333
Website: or Our site.
Details: Amsterdam Arena is the largest stadium in the Netherlands. It has, along with the Kuip in Rotterdam, the highest status by UEFA. Notable about the construction, the height of the arena.Stadiums are often built around a field, which is lower. The stadium, however, has their correct area is high. The slope of the stands of the straight ones in European stadiums.

De Kuip

Club: Feyenoord
Completion: 1937
Capacity: 51 177 sites
Visiting address: Van Zandvlietplein 3, 3077 AA Rotterdam
Phone: 3110 to 2926888
Website: Our site.
Details: De Kuip is rightfully called satdion with a history. The stadium is also known as football Temple Mecca on the Maas by supporters of Feyenoord. De Kuip, together with the Amsterdam Arena is the only arena in the Netherlands with the highest rated by UEFA. In the arena, there are as many as 11 European finals. It’s a record number. The arena has over the years undergone several renovations, including the roof had a lot of attention. Currently, covered 85% of the audience. With plans for a new stadium on the River, reverses the function of the Kuip. What will happen to the arena is still uncertain.

Kyocera Stadion

Club ADO Den Haag
Completion: 2007
Capacity: 15 000 places
Visiting address: Hague Quarter 55, 2491 BM Den Haag
Phone: 31900-2364636
Website: Our site.
Details: the arena has been the main sponsor of the name in 2010. Before that it was called stadion ADO Den Haag stadion. The name of the street is named after the Hague Kwartiertje the last 15 minutes of the game, where the supporters are trying to help the team to victory.

Philips Stadion

Club: PSV
Completion: 1913
Capacity: 35 000 places
Visiting address: Frederiklaan 10a 5616 NH Eindhoven,
Phone: 3140-2505505
Website: Our site.
Details: Philips Stadium still stands on the site of the former Philips village laid out: a village specially built for Philips employees. The stadium was formerly a real sport, and not just for football. Only in 1958, existing dirt road were removed to the field. After numerous and sometimes radical rebuilding the current arena occurred. It is known as one of the most luxurious stadiums in the Netherlands, because of skyboxes and other property in the complex. It has four star UEFA rating. There are concrete plans to expand its capacity to 42 000 places. This is the smallest capacity in order to facilitate the matches in the World Cup finals. In order to??

The Galgenwaard

Club: FC Utrecht
Completion: 1982
Capacity: 25 000 places
Visiting address: Herculesplein 241, 3584 AA Utrecht
Phone: 3130 to 8.885.555
Website: Our site.
Details: on the site of the current Stadium Nieuw Galgenwaard in 1936 opened the ancient stadion Galgenwaard. 45 years, various sports) in this stadium success to celebrate. Football-Hercules and the Dose played their matches. In 1981, played the last football game and the stadium would be demolished to make way for the new Galgenwaard. Since 2002 has called home FC Utrecht Galgenwaard Stadium. In 2000, began the renovation of the stands on the long sides. At the same time was rebuilt also stands on the short sides. A striking feature of the current Stadium, the open corners and the wind have free reign. Plans for a new stadium on the West side of the city is temporarily put in the refrigerator.


[Team FC Groningen
Completion: 2006
Capacity: 22 579 sites
Visiting address: Boumaboulevard 41, 9723 ZS Groningen
Phone: 3150-5878787
Website: Our site.
Details: in the mid 90?? It was decided to build a new multi-purpose stadium and home to FC Groningen.The former Oosterparkstadion no longer met the requirements and renovate the stadium would be a short-term solution. Because it is located in a residential area, maybe future expansion did not come to fruition. The current complex includes a shelter for the sport is also a movie theater, school, Casino, and a supermarket. The stadium can be expanded with possibly contain an extra ring on top of the stadium. This capacity can be increased substantially, to 37 000 places. Thus, the stadium will still not meet the minimum capacity to be able to serve as housing for a World Cup.


Club: Excelsior
Completion: 1902
Capacity: 3531 sites
Street address: 110 3062 Honingerdijk NX Rotterdam
Phone: 3110-4046041
Website: Our site.
Props: Woudestein, which is located in the District of Kralingen, Rotterdam, one of the smallest arenas in professional football in the Netherlands. It is not only home to Excelsior but also promises Feyenoord. The arena is obviously rebuilt several times over the last 100 years.

AFAS Stadion

Club AZ
Completion: 2006
Capacity: 17 023 sites
Visiting address: Stadionweg 1, 1812 AZ Alkmaar
Phone: 3172-5478000
Website: Our site.
Details: this stadium was built in 2006 to follow the old Alkmaarderhout Stadium. The old stadium no longer conforms to the requirements of professional football today. The success of AZ did that the Club needed a larger facility. The stadium is at the opening of the name: the DSB Stadium, named after the then main sponsor AZ: Dirk Scheringa. The crowd was a little disappointed in this choice of name claim.After the bankruptcy of the sponsor has occasionally been the only name on the stadium roof. Since 2010, adorn the new sponsor’s name on the facade.

Abe Lenstra Stadium

Club: SC Heerenveen
Completion: 1993
Capacity: 26 800 sites
Visiting address: Huismanstraat 5, 8448 GZ Heerenveen
Phone: + 612 100 31513-
Website: Our site.
Details: since 1994 SC Heerenveen plays its matches in the new Abe Lenstra stadion. The stadium is, of course, named after the famous player of Heerenveen. Shortly after its completion, the stadium turned out to be too small for the big group of fans of Heerenveen. There are therefore very built up over the years and rebuilt at the stadium. For years, there are plans to expand the capacity of over 26 000 to 32 000 seats. For this to be built several stocks, and that investment is currently difficult.

Goffert Stadium

Club: NEC
Completion: 1939
Capacity: 12 500 sites
Visiting address: Stadionplein 1, 6532 AJ Nijmegen
Phone: 3124-3590360
Website: Our site.
Details: With blood, sweat and tears have thousands of unemployed Nijmegen in the early 30?? soil excavated for the stadium. The nickname of Goffert therefore Bloedkuul. After completion in 1939, it was after the Feyenoord Stadium and the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam, the largest arena in the Netherlands. The first years did neither Nijmegen football clubs, NEC and Quick 1888, covers the arena.They had in fact been a shelter for 12 000 spectators, so why would it also mean something else that rent would be paid. Only after the second world war, the NEC has been used as a military base, had been forced to the arena as a home base to embrace. The security measures in the KNVB was capacity Stadium in 90 years??? only a thick 5000 sites. Where can you make some short-term solutions additional 10,000 places. Reason enough to grow in depth and in 2000 the stadium was opened in its present form. From 2005 to 2011. McDOS Goffertstadion games [worn: the name of the sponsor. Although this name was never officially recognized as the Church is the formal owner of the stadium.

Polman stadion

Club: Hercules
Completion: 1999
Capacity: 8500 locations
Visiting address: Stadionlaan 1, Almelo 7606 JZ
Phone: + 31546-817 070
Website: Our site.
Details: since 1999, Polman Stadium home football club Heracles. In 2005, the stadium capacity was increased from 6900 to 8500 locations. The stadium will be played on artificial turf Ten Cate, main sponsor. This has really given a hemmafördel of Heracles in the first few years, so many players of the host clubs are not used to playing on artificial turf. There are plans to build a new stadium with a capacity of 15,000 spectators.

Rat Verlegh Stadium

Club: NAC
Completion: 1996
Capacity: 16 400 sites
Visiting address: Stadionstraat 3b, 4800 DJ Breda
Phone: 3176-5214500
Website: Our site.
Details: the arena opened its doors in 1996. The name was then Fujifilm stadion. The real tongue twister, according to many. In 2003 the stadium was named after the new sponsor Mycom stadion. In 2006, finally chose the name under which the stadium when fans already known: Rat Verlegh Stadium, named after Anthony Verlegh. His nickname was the Rat. The matches are played at night?? called the evening NAC and regularly settled in hemmafördel.

Mandemakers stadion

Club: RKC
Completion: 1996
Capacity: 7500 sites
Visiting address: Akkerlaan 2, 5140 AA Waalwijk
Phone: + 31416-334 356
Website: Our site.
Details: 1996 Mandemakers stadion opened its doors, and has since been the home to the football club RKC Waalwijk. On the same site as the earlier occupied Sportpark Olympia, where RKC played their matches. This stadium was so limited and it had the look of a bike. This was also one of the nicknames of protection. The stadium currently has three years bore the same name before it was given the name the main sponsor of the RKC. After completion and was 6000 sites, alterations in particular the open edges has been able to increase this to 7500 points. Striking detail is that the lighting columns are the old towers of NAC Breda.

Parkstad Limburg stadion

Club: Roda JC
Completion: 2000
Capacity: 19 200 sites
Visiting address: call 1, 6466 NH Kerkrade
Phone: 3145-6317000
Website: Our site.
Details: The stadium seats almost 20,000 visitors a covered place. The arena is used not only as a football stadium, but also for other events such as concerts and parties. For the football stadium RodaJC is this exchange of Kaalheide, where they played their matches. The name comes from the area where it is located: Parkstad. The development of this area is a collaboration between seven municipalities in Limburg, which has merged to develop southern Limburg. The most appealing visitors to the arena is probably the AC Milan: UEFA Cup, the Italians managed to narrowly won 0-1. Limburger surprisingly defeated the Milanese in Milan 0-1 on the penalty that had to help. The home team had AC Milan admit their superiors.

King Willem II stadion

Club: Willem II
Completion: 1995
Capacity: 14 750 sites
Visiting address: Goirleseweg 34 5026 Tilburg, PC
Phone: 3113-5490590
Website: Our site.
Details: the stadium in its current form was opened in 1995. For this Willem II played their matches at municipal Sports Park. The name King William II is a reference to King William II of the Netherlands.Add the King was only in 2009 is added to the name. The venue offers all visitors heated and covered seating. The field is heated, so it can be played. The fixed number of fans have called their own part of the stadium behind one of the goals, also known as King-Side.


Club: Vitesse
Completion: 1998
Capacity: 32 500 sites
Visiting address: Batavierenweg 25, 6841 HN Arnhem
Phone: 3126-8807888
Website: Our site.
Details: Gelredome is more than just a football stadium. Because of the potential for the field to run out of the arena and close the roof, borrow the property itself very well to events such as pop concerts, indoor Motor Events, circuses. It was also in the 2008-2009 best attended event facility in the Netherlands. In the Benelux Gelredome and the Amsterdam Arena are the only stadiums that closes the roof. Gelredome is an architectural model for many other stadium in the world. Three booths are made of concrete, one of the steel bleachers where the field through the need because it is driven out. This material is lighter and therefore knew how to reduce the risk of collapse. The result is the influence of the tripod on a big jump pulp fans. 22,000 seats are made of plastic, which is made up of 95% crushed old furniture. The furniture was collected in 1997 during the Eastern population.

Grolsch Veste

Club: FC Twente
Completion: 1998
Capacity: 30,000 sites
Visiting address: Colosseum, Enschede, 7521 65 PP
Phone: 3153-8525525
Website: Our site.
Details: the stadium replaced the old Diekman stadion as the home in 1998 for FC Twente. Until 2008, the arena was known as Arke stadion. Capacity expanded greatly during the last few years, of course, linked to the successful development of FC Twente. Tragic accident in 2011 in which a portion of the new roof has collapsed and where two workers were killed.

Sparta Stadium Castle

Club: Sparta
Completion: 1916
Capacity: 11 500 sites
Visiting address: Sparta Park North 1, 3027 VW Rotterdam
Phone: 3110-8909210
Website: Our site.
Details: the stadium was already there in 1916. The distinctive Stadium in the Spangen district of Rotterdam has been repeatedly rebuilt. In 1998 began a thorough renovation. The Manor is the only thing that remained of the old stadium. Castle del as the first part of the stands on a short side, is now part of a booth on a long side. This is because it has turned a quarter turn in the renovation field.Since the opening of this stadium bears the name of the current Sparta Stadium Castle. There are concrete plans for a new stadium, with a capacity of 18,000 to 20,000 seats. There is no budget for and so here in the long shelf.

The Vijverberg

Club: De Graafschap
Completion: 1954
Capacity: 12 600 sites
Visiting address: Lijsterbeslaan 101A, 7004 GN Doetinchem
Phone: + 31314-368 450
Website: Our site.
Details: the stadium was renovated in 1998-2000 so thoroughly that it may be almost speak of a new building. All four are replaced. During the season 2008/2009, De Graafschap, on demand by the fans, decided to remove the chairs from the SPINNEKOP stand. Thus arose the locations, because the fans never sat on the booth and the chairs actually “got in the way.”

Seacon stadion?? Cool

Club: VVV Venlo
Completion: 1972
Capacity: 8000 sites
Visiting address: 182 Kaldenkerkerweg Venlo, 5915 AH
Phone: + 3177-3515806
Website: Our site.
Details: the stadium is in a pit. In dialect to speak out so cool. The arena managed to ever to hold nearly 25,000 spectators during the game VVV-Ajax in 1977. The stadium has undergone several renovations and is made for the season 2007/2008 “erevdivisieklaar”, so the number of places in reduced for 8000. It is one of the last authentic stadiums in the Netherlands.


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