Earth Adopts New Prices to Combat Music Piracy

The portal Terra is determined to compete with piracy of music digital, which – we all know – has never been so high. Today just look for the name of an album followed by “rapidshare” to find the disk in question. With the new plans of Sonora, however, the company promises a service that is more convenient than seeking pirated music on Google.

This new model that the Earth decided to adopt in Brazil called Keep Your Favorite (Keep your bookmarks, in free translation). It allows the user to listen to as much music as you want via streaming, always high quality, like a or similar. The difference is in the monthly quota of songs in MP3 that can be downloaded to your computer.

It’s that simple: listen all you want; copy to the PC favorite.

Along with the Earth in this war are the top labels in the world, such as Warner Music and Sony Music, in addition to the Brazilian Union of Music Publishers (UBEM). In total, 1.5 million songs available for customers of Sonora, with a base of artists consisting of 100,000 entries.

But what plans and prices? They are as follows. It is worth remembering that they all give right to unlimited streaming music.

  • Plus 10: R $ 14.90 (R $ 9.90 in the first 3 months) – Download 10 MP3 music.
  • Plus 25: R $ 18.90 (R $ 14.90 for the first 3 months) – Download 25 MP3 music.
  • Plus 250: R $ 49.90 – Download 250 MP3 music.
  • Club 10: R $ 24.90 (R $ 19.90 for the first 3 months) – Unlimited Download music with DRM + Download 10 MP3 music.
  • Club 25: R $ 28.90 (R $ 24.90 for the first 3 months) – Download unlimited music with DRM + Download 25 MP3 music.
  • Club 250: R $ 59.90 – Download unlimited music with DRM + Download 250 MP3 music.

According to the portal, the songs can cost just 20 cents, in the case of the plane with 250 songs. “The cost is even lower when we take into account that in addition to getting favorite songs, the subscriber can also listen to the entire collection of Sonora via streaming or download the songs with digital protection,” said James Ramazinni, director responsible for Sonora in a statement.

I hope it works out.