Ecology Home Design

Pierre and Sandrine Colin decided to change lifestyle by moving between Autun and Beaune in Burgundy in an open house on the nature designed by two architects, Jean-Baptiste Barache and Sihem laminate.

A Light House

It is with their five children, Pierre and Sandrine Colin have chosen to live in this wonderful house consisting of a tray of 90 m 2 of which 45 m2 of outdoor passageway. The parents did not wish to leave the capital, the ideal place was difficult to find. When they found, between Autun and Beaune in Burgundy, the ground that met their criteria, these two teachers have not heeacute; site one more second. Sandrine and Pierre imagined a Japanese style house, open to the surrounding nature and built with environmentally friendly materials. The meeting with Jean-Baptiste Bailey* occurred through a book of architecture. The couple was attracted to its project “home barn” that is without partitions or electricity, crowned at the home show in wood of Angers in 2006. In order to let the ground intact and avoid all earthworks, twelve piles concrete served as Foundation. A douglas pine frame does not support walls but in larch chassis on which are assembled panels of polycarbonate, a luminous material that brings a sense of tranquility and warms the atmosphere thanks to the rays of the Sun. When the large windows are open, the Colin family can enjoy the landscape and the natural light. Once closed, they suggest the idea of beautiful weather throughout the year through their translucent tone. It also reminds of Japanese traditional houses. The two architects have before all ‘made of the tools that allow to play with the Sun and the rain and see the landscape’. In short, this House is a place of unique life, without the hustle and bustle of the city and with the calm of the surrounding nature.

A Dining Area In Wood

Often regarded as the heart of the home as described by Craftinlearning, the dining area must be warm and reveal the personality of the inhabitants. Here, the natural side is omnipresent. The walls are panels of wood slats (OSB), the table as well as the bench are ash and almost raw parquet perfectly fits the atmosphere of the room. The Tse & Tse chairs colors and shapes (Gallery Sentou) bring a touch of originality and joy while the “Tower of Babel” lamp rattan (room 19) emphasizes the simplicity of the place. Designed by two architects, this dining area has the distinction of age and take character over the years. Time passing will be beneficial on the walls since the slats of wood Skate all keeping a power insulating and resistant. This also economic material is an interesting product for those wishing to create a natural atmosphere at home.

A Natural and Spacious Lounge

With these large windows of different materials, the view from the living room is either claire or blurred but the atmosphere still very bright. This forms a unique and beautiful table. In this case, no need of decorative elements, the nature takes very well this role. As in the whole of the House, the Japanese spirit is in the living room. No ostentatious sign side deco: Peruvian stools carved from a tree trunk (room 19), Ottoman red lacquered paper and two stools in black lacquered wood (Paola Navone for Gervasoni), dress the walls into panels of wood slats. The layout of this House is definitely simple and elegant, a real solution when you have a large family with young children running around. The stools and poufs are placed anywhere, adapt to each place and especially do not place. In the winter, in addition to the rays of the Sun and the insulating power of the strips of wood panels, Sandrine and Pierre colin installed two wood stoves (Godin) that heat the House.

A Room In Zen Mind

Upstairs is a large dormitory room separated by a staircase. Lit by an opening at each end, the room is very bright. A corner for children was held with mats directly embedded in the ground. The space of the parents is just opposite. The window is this transparent this time because there are not overlooked and may be replaced by green and picturesque landscape. Well-being is no doubt major inspiration from the floor, little furniture: tatami mats, a futon and a link with the nature especially. The decoration idea is to highlight the essential with soft colors that attack not the look and create an atmosphere of serenity. The futon is certainly the fundamental element of the Japanese style. This bed adds several advantages as a quality sleep, the back support and respect of the whole body. Finally to optimize space, running along the Wall shelves are both office storage to align the books, stacking clothes or expose little trinkets of headboard.

A Comfortable and Practical Space

On the South side is located the children’s corner. Atypical, bright and well thought, this space is imbued with the natural and Japanese home style. Children have to roll their futons to transform their playing field bed. A real treat for Juliette, Mathilde, Charlotte, Igor and Thomas who can make the most of their room. Both suspensions to industrial design is the decoration element by excellence. Strained and really current, these lamps reflect perfectly the loft spirit while bringing a touch of modernity. The idea in this House is to have play with the naturalness of the wood slats (OSB) ceiling and the side stock suspensions. This contrast is well balanced. Near the window, you can see the lamp “Akari” on the shelf “Tamago” Céline Wright (Sentou) lamp and Isamu Noguchi. In the same tones, off-white color bed linens (room 19) stores easily.

A Place Open to Nature

This bathroom is far from ordinary. Open on one side of the patio and the other on the campaign, the Collin family has views of nature! It’s an unusual way but surely nice to take a shower. A half roll of Burgundy wine serves bath and shower tray, a rustic touch that changes the usual white bath. The ash ‘Stick’ chair is the unique piece designed by Jean-Baptiste Barache and Sihem laminate, made through a simple game of casing, without glue or metal, it fits well with the natural setting of this bathroom. The towel Indian Red and white (room 19) placed on the Chair represents very well the style of home, simple and discreet but with undeniable a harmony and balance. This haven of peace so well thought has already been awarded in 2008 and 2009.