Economic IP Camera

Looking for an IP camera, can be your first, but you do not necessarily want to put a fortune. No panic, the world of IP cameras do not require you to sell a kidney to enjoy its technology! Small round of budget IP cameras, but worth a look.

Hikam S5, the safe bet

We have already discussed in the first article on the selection of an IP camera , but this little camera is a best-seller, and it’s not for nothing!

It records in 720p and has a viewing angle of 75 ° allowing good visibility on a part.In addition, it features an infrared vision allows it to operate both day and night.

It is also possible to record video to SD card, that’s a big advantage if one does not wish to buy a recorder or pay a subscription to a cloud service.

Note that the installation and synchronization with the dedicated application for smartphone is easy. This is also one of the highlights of the camera that regularly goes into user feedback.

D-Link DCS-930L small but beefy

Big name network devices, D-Link has also released a series of IP cameras in different price ranges. DCS-930L is the underdog of the family, but it has everything you need for a budget.

Its resolution is not very high (640 × 480 pixels), however, the tests show that it is sufficient in a conventional environment. Synchronization with your box via WiFi is very simple with a WPS button for a physical network connection.

Whether the installation on PC or mobile, the D-Link application is simple to use and intuitive. The camera has a motion sensor whose sensitivity can be adjusted by the user, a good point!

In the end, so this camera is for people on a budget, but its simplicity may attract others!

SUNLUXY 720P, budget, optional baby monitor

Behind this cute design hides a true IP camera quality. All features of the foregoing are present, night vision, 720p resolution, possibility of microSD storage, viewing angle of 90 ° … It’s quite a technical description!

But little more of this IP camera is that it is intended to be used as a baby monitor.By exceeding a little budget of € 50, you can get an optional monitor that will manage the camera remotely, to have a video feedback, and can turn on or off a small night light available on the camera. In short this is a very good investment for parents on a budget, with the IP camera that can be used both in conventional manner or baby monitor.

Floureon 1200TVL, outside camera prize

Who said that IP cameras outside were more expensive? The Computerdo 1200TVL has IP66, with a metal shell carved for extérieur.Elle has 36 infrared LEDs and according to the manufacturer, night vision is 15 meters (enough to see it coming!).

This camera do not provide HD (720 x 576), but it is enough if you are not looking accuracy over long distances.

You can also take a look at the Amazon page for Floureon 1200TVL to see the reviews.

Lot 4 cameras Floureon

Yes, you are not dreaming, 4 cameras for less than 50 €! There is a trap? Well yes… they are fake!

Merely see the cameras sometimes enough to turn back the intruders. It is a valid solution, but to complete a true IP camera or motion sensors connected to an alarm.