Eleven Things That HTC Is Doing Well

I am of those who usually give wax manufacturers when they put the leg, and there is my history articles to prove it. From time to time, however, I like to assess positively the successes of those same manufacturers, despite the fact that in these cases the first ten comments are accusations of “sponsored post” that I bother rebutting.

So go that first “disclaimer” to open this HTC hits list, a manufacturer that I am not going to deny a special predilection. My first Android was a Desire of the first generation, and I’m using a X One that behaves in a honorable way despite the years, saving your already ailing battery.

Small large design details

The top of HTC have always had details that not perhaps too stressed, but that showed a special interest in taking care of the design. As speakers from renowned manufacturers (although Beats have their plus and the minus) and oriented towards the front, which is still a rarity, or high dynamic range microphones to improve the quality of voice and recording.

Aluminum bodies were not very common in high-end Android and HTC bet with this material from the One.

Ultrapixels, a different camera

With the One HTC, the Taiwanese chose a risky path: innovate in camera with something difficult to sell. Less megapixels for a more quality photos. Give up the size for a brighter result. An offer completely different to the rest of the market. Courage has not worked in sales.

It is a bet that has weighed them much, seen in perspective. It would have been easy to assemble another normal camera beside the Ultrapixel and offer the two. Decision to mount one of the standard 20Mpx into One M9 is a commercial decision necessary to recover market.

Sense, the least hated customization layer

Convince a manufacturer that can save the customization layer looks like a losing battle. And if we accept this, better than decent by that layer. It is conventional wisdom that Sense is less intrusive manufacturer layer and that brings more improvements. Or it was until it appeared Motorola with its almost clean terminals.

BlinkFeed, a social desktop

If the first thing you do is check all your social networks, with this desktop “social” have to view the latest updates of your environment. The appearance of Sense with BlinkFeed does not seem to anything of a clean Android, but HTC does not obligate you to use it: you can pass out of it.

Few applications

HTC not bothering with dozens of pre-installed applications and serving little or nothing to the user. In addition, for some time now this part is updating them from Google Play, which facilitates the maintenance of the system.

Which do not come pre-installed from factory is another battle that we have lost with the manufacturers. If they come to be few useful, such as replacements of the calendar, calculator and clock/time, which is very practical.

HTC Dev, helping developers

To the average user gives it equal, but the fact that HTC has a site dedicated to make developers life easier is unusual. Available in HTC Dev tools help and much to developers, with drivers, access to its platform, unlock bootloaders…

Factory unlocked bootloader

From the end of 2011, HTC handsets come with the unlocked bootloader, making it easy to install them cooked ROMs. And if your terminal is prior to that date in HTC Dev tool you have to unlock it.

OpenSense, direct access to the customization layer

Any developer can register and access OpenSense SDK, the development kit that access APIs and create applications that take advantage of the technologies of HTC, as BlinkFeed, dual camera who was riding the M8, etc..

The cloud services of third-party hosting

Rather than assemble its own service in the cloud, HTC offers free storage in well established services for two years with its new terminals. First it was with Dropbox and now Google Drive, reaching the 100 GBs in some terminals.

Is a tremendous when trial period pain (32 GB, which left me in one fell swoop… do not want to think if they would have been 100), but two years of great comfort.

Your own product-centric business strategy

In an era in which some manufacturers still focusing its strategy on ridiculing the competition, discrete advertising HTC by turning to its own product up to thanks. It is not the only, of course, but unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see other competitors engaged in comparative unnecessary with Apple.

IDAs pot as the Re

From time to time, HTC is extruded sleeve Follies as the Re. would a digital camera, without display, a single button, and Periscope-shaped? “Why not?”, they say in the design lab. My everything is going against the current technology seems to me that it should be applauded. Band more or less, the innovation should recognize it.