Embelezzia Christmas Basket

We have decided to prepare a Christmas basket with the best products that have passed through Embelezzia this year. Of course will choose products not only gourmet, but jewelry, cosmetics, watches and accessories… we have our list of must have become a huge basket of Christmas.

I’m going to start looking for the best continent, which is not the traditional basket have nothing wrong, but would if the signature this year our Christmas basket Moynat?. The beautiful Hat box designed by creative director Ramesh Noir, He designed the “Malle Macaron” inspired by the ubiquitous French macarons I saw every morning to go to work as he passed the patisserie of Pierre Hermé, is the perfect vessel for our Christmas basket.

Giving many laps, I think the first thing that would introduce into my basket is a pochette Claudine, if I allow to start with supplements. Since I saw the spectacular complements of Laura Pons in the Alvarno parade, not I’ve been able to remove them I head. And speaking of heads, sure that I find a perfect turban to combine in Mon Petit Bandeau.

Since well folded it fits everything in my trunk, I would also design with a Stephane Rolland of the ultimate collection, a beautiful model in Royal peacock blue. And as long cold, a little boutique the fur that has stolen the heart in Embelezzia to us. I am sure that Diego piety has stole or a perfect jacket to complete the part of my Christmas basket fashionable.

But what jewelry I can get? In a Christmas basket as this can not miss a good bright Cartier, also where are we without clock so they give us grapes? I propose the precious 1815 Up Down a A.Lange & Söhne, with their blue hands (by Stéphane dress). And my favorite among the Italian jewelry: Pomellato. We can not fail to include a ring Pomellato 67 Gourmette and does not go as a Christmas tree (less is more) but it would also include one of the Piaget cocktail rings, mojito seems perfect to me.

And once dressed for the occasion, with products going gourmet… Of course since I have known the Accademia del Gusto, the panettone can play the Christmas basket. But if there is something that excites me are the cheeses. We can not put two Spanish specialties which we have marveled and want to share. The Flor de Esgueva (limited edition), a spectacular cheese 15 months of maturation for the most demanding gourmands, over having a perfect packaging for our Christmas basket. And put into the best cheeses from Spain, are going with a King Shiloh, recognized as one of the best Luxury Spain Gourmet.

But as it is Christmas and a Christmas without champagne is like a sailor without a boat, what better than a bottle of Krug Grand cuvée (including shell) that we also know pairs that fear with a wonderful Cinco Jotas Ham (which also has pride of place in my cart).

Among the delicacies we have been tested in this past year is the caviar. We’ve tried Swedish Kalix caviar and caviar Nacarii, of the Aran Valley, they are always welcome a few cans.

As my trunk Moynat It’s also magical fit recipes chef Luque and from Bodegas Valdemar, and Dario district recommendations for this Christmas. and as we will do without the candy? The wonderful Cacao Sampaka chocolate trees they are not only decorative, they are real good.

And as it is important to live a healthy life, the dealer should give Embelezzia baskets on a bike of Hermes (which goes into the batch, clear). To who want to receive this basket? I’m going to see what fill the basket of the coming week.