Emergency Light Beacon with LEDS

The LED emergency beacon incorporates 360 degree LEDS protected by a reinforced plastic shell that supports high weight.Unlike combustion flares, our LED signaling beacons eliminate the risk of causing an accidental fire and do not create waste or smoke.They can be used indoors with complete safety without danger of fire or air and water pollution.They float in the water and are submersible.

The beacons are rechargeable and their duration is approximately 100 hours.

The engineering team of these Nightseacher beacons has achieved a design that incorporates the latest technologies in both mechanics and electronics.

The new PULSAR system is an emergency lighting system with multiple modes created for road control signaling, hazard prevention, safety

Of vehicles, police services, firemen, maintenance equipment of highways … It has 9 operative modes among which the high and low intensity, depending on the situation, gyro, alternating illumination and SOS.

They are very resistant to shock and support the weight of a vehicle.They are also water resistant and submersible up to 10 meters deep.They are essential items in the equipment of an emergency vehicle and more effective than traditional signaling triangles.Available in yellow or blue colors with net and vehicle chargers included.The set consists of six units.

Nightseacher is an English brand specializing in the manufacture of flashlights, light bulbs and portable lighting equipment for police, military and sports use which you can find on estaterealest.com: it is well established in the international market due to its excellent quality in all its products.LED signaling beacons were invented and designed by an official of a US police department for the purpose of reducing or eliminating the danger as well as the difficulties of use in certain places and circumstances that caused the flares.