Energy Efficient Light Bulbs for Outdoors

Summer is a time of outdoor grilling, colored lights and lanterns in the garden. Yes, but how do you enjoy the atmosphere of a summer evening outdoors and, at the same time, saving money on electric bill this month? Respect the environment also means finding workarounds that can afford to illuminate “at no cost”, having constantly to heart the nature around you.

Lamps for Outdoors

The solar powered lanterns
Comfortable and easily movable, the solar powered lanterns that work are perfect for capturing light through solar panels placed on their surface that recharge the batteries of the device emitting light in the evening.
The great merit of this choice is the ability to drastically reduce installation costs, but also the convenience that sprang from the absolute lack of cables allows the lamps to be moved ‘ strategically ‘ sunniest corners of the garden.
The night lighting lasts about 13 hours after sun exposure to 5 hours, depending on the chosen model and version more or less powerful.

LED lamps
A practical alternative and absolutely green is provided by LED bulbs, B22 light bulbs from that convert the energy into light using only 3 Watts of power. The brightness is all the greater as there are at least nine Led lamps Led involved: you need to have a good spatial brightness.

Intelligent lamps
Are the lamps that allow you not to waste energy, because equipped with sensors capable of detecting the passage of people and that turn on automatically only when necessary, to shut off after a few moments from the expulsion of the individual. This solution is particularly suitable for garden areas with little traffic where, otherwise, continue alternating on/off would contribute to battery power or current.

Soft lights
Because the night atmosphere should be enjoyed in the best way, especially in the garden or on the terrace, turn out to be totally unnecessary lamps that illuminate “per day”, whereas you only need one soft glow that can light in a totally discreet.

Low consumption lights
Banned permanently from the market by 2012, incandescent light bulbs have given way to energy-saving light bulbs, which last up to 8 times more than the old. In case you were using this solution for your garden, choose low voltage (12 volt) mounted on wall with beam of light projected downwards, ideal to create warmth and sense of recollection!