Entrevistasmos Angie and Lucuos The Creators of The Blog ‘ Heels and Cigarettes’

Angie and Lucuos photographed by Cup of Couple found the lifestyle each enjoying life in their own way.

The couple formed by Angie y Lucuos they are one of the tandems better committed homeland blogosphere (she writes the texts and it is responsible for the photography). His site, Heels and Cigarettes, was created as a reflection of his personality, tastes and a sense of aesthetics – in its broadest sense – highly developed, as well as particular. A window open to art, fashion, and above all to the photography, main engine of this your blogs that projected a more than inspiring lifestyle.

Was born the idea of creating the blog, ‘ Heels and Cigarettes ’ and why the name?

It grew out of the mutual need of projecting our passions and concerns somewhere. We didn’t want a common name so we got together two elements that can be easily pictorizar a good fashion photography.

As a good lifestyle bloggers… what you seems essential for a life with style?

Find the lifestyle each enjoying life in their own way. It is always interesting to be with your eyes open, not having prejudices and to fully enjoy the advantages that can offer you the city wherever you are.

Of all the disciplines that you play; fashion, art, music, books … with what you feel most identified and why?

With all of them! In fact, the most important is photography itself, which is the common thread of the blog to speak of all these disciplines in relation to our daily life.

In addition to a few known bloggers, you have a parallel career, tell us a little bit of it & #8230;

Lucuos: In Buenos Aires I had my beginnings with the fashionable design collaborating with Ay not dead and New York with Zia Ziprin and ThreeAsfour Gaby. Then in Barcelona with Gori de Palma, José Castro, Martín Lamothe… Now I’m focused on the picture (this is your website) and blog.

Angie: I come from a family tradition bookstore and I currently deal with managing the contents of the website of the company with new publications, news, bibliographies…

Lucuos and Angie photographed by Ramiro E

Through the blog I have been multiple collaborations, how compagináis your daily routines with the blog? has it helped you to grow professionally?

It is not always easy because most end up devoting almost all of our free time to blog. But it is something that we enjoy doing, so it is worth!

They say that there is much competition between bloggers, do you have more friends than enemies in the blogosphere?

Competitiveness is normal in any sector, but is better staying apart from it, do your job and be happy for others. Thanks to the blog we have met wonderful people.

What you think about the phenomenon of the blogger-boom?, are followers of other blogs? You can tell me what and what you what you like about them.

The idea of the blogger, the fact that anyone can give their own vision, has its pros and cons; In the same way that you find interesting pages, there is too much information on the net. We like blogs as of Suzy of Style Bubble, it has a different style and a view to take into account.

What project, action, collaboration or post your site you feel most proud and why.

We are very pleased to be part of Absolut Mode Society, for which we wrote an article each month since last summer, and also of our latest collaboration with Harper ’ s Bazaar and H & M. Our publications in the blog I prefer those of analogue photography, a parade, a concert, or skate. We started using an analog camera that first was my grandfather and then my mother and the collection has grown since then.

A future project that I can tell us.

One that makes us special illusion is a book in which we are going to collaborate where bloggers interviewed fashion designers.

We talk about fashion and trends with Angie and Lucuos

Jon Kortajarena for Heels and Cigarettes in the 080

You affect the trends in developing the contents of your blog … you think fashionistas?

In terms of style I don’t consider myself very fashionista, but it is inevitable that they affect the trends if you do this. There are lot of inspiration anywhere, you just know what you like and adapt it to your style.

How you see the fashionable Spanish current compared to other countries?, do you have any favorite Spanish designer or fetish?, are you regulars to national gateways or fairs?

An error is that in Spain will tend to appreciate more what’s out; There is young Spanish designers with great potential but few resources and others, in a comfortable position, take years parading without presenting anything groundbreaking. Our favorites include Manuel Bolaño, Gori de Palma, Davidelfin, Martin Lamothe. We never lose us the 080 Barcelona Fashion and once we went to Cibeles Madrid.

Josep April o/I 12 ’ by Heells and Cigarettes

What are your designers or favourite international firms or the more you inspire?

Lucuos: Threeasfour, Number (N) ine, Givenchy, Balenciaga.

Angie: Alexander McQueen, Stefano Pilati, Prada and Miu Miu, Gareth Pugh….

Let’s talk about style, how would define yours?

Angie: Depends very much of her time and how I feel at that moment. Almost always go black, in winter use much leather and a style more rock-grunge and in summer it is most romantic.

Lucuos: Between rock and classical. In New York he risked more, he had a style more glam-rock, but Barcelona it relaxes when it comes to dressing.

You have any icon or reference style?

Lucuos: Mick Jagger, Serge Gainsbourg, Johnny Depp, Kurt Cobain.

Angie: I have many icons present, inspire me as different women like Patti Smith or Marylin Monroe.

Are you presumed? do you worry your look much?

Angie: Every day, more worries me I do what will bring. I’m not a slave to fashion, although I am mindful that a good look can change your mood in a difficult day.

Lucuos: I’m not an overly smug person but I have in mind what I’m going to dress up every day because I enjoy it.

Knowing a little more Angie and Lucuos

Lucuos and Angie photographed by Lidia Juvanteny

Food and favorite drink
We generally love the sushi and Asian cuisine. To drink a good red wine with cheese on the side never fails.

A place to get lost
Lucuos: Browse missing out at sea would be a perfect plan for this summer.
Angie: Right now I think of losing me by some music like Primavera Sound, Sonar or FIB festival.

A disc to listen to over and over again
Lucuos: We listen for hours the debut album by Tame Impala InnerSpeaker.
Angie: Exile on Main Street by the Rolling Stones.

A bedside book
Lucuos: Snowboarding to Nirvana of Frederick Lenz.
Angie: Lolita by Nabokov has always been my bedside book.

A movie that you not tired of seeing
Lucuos: Titus. Struck me and inspires me from that moment.
Angie: I love the aesthetics of Rocky Horror Picture Show, he would see it again and again.