[Errata] Avatar was Not 2 Film Over 2009 Pirated

Due to a misinterpretation of a text by mistake anything like reporting that Avatar was the second most downloaded movie of 2009, but as pointed Alex reader (thanks, man!!!) data were on the last week of December. The correct list of most downloaded movies last year will follow, which is led by the film Star Trek, closely followed by Transformers. I apologize for the error. The text of the original post is for posterity as a way to horrify children and old ladies in the future. [Torrent Freak]

And the original text:

Absolute success in weekend box office, grossing a staggering $ 1 billion in its first two weeks of view, the film avatar, director james cameron, has also been successful in the murky world of illegal downloads.

Released worldwide on the 18th of december, in just 13 days production could be the second most downloaded movie of last year, behind only a look of paradise, the new film by peter jackson (of lord of the rings trilogy) , not yet released here.

See the list of the 10 most downloaded last year, according to the website torrentfreak: