Evening of Luxury with Jem Bendell

JEM Bendell He is a man often refer in his texts Suzy Menkes. Expert in the world of luxury on an international level. Passionate of India, with many ideas and plans to carry them out for that the exclusive extra special, to educate business leaders.

All within the experience of the sustainable, where is not destroyed but that is built. Where reflect. And that was the first question that threw me, “what was the last thing you bought? Do you know where it comes from, can we?” Accurate, is sometimes better not to ask to not feel guilty, something that Bendell knows what will happen.

“The new concept of luxury: sustainable, different, sensational, based on experiences”…

In fact, that was the beginning of his Conference This Wednesday in the ISEM Fashion Business School, one of the most prestigious business schools, and where JEM Bendell spoke of the sustainable luxury. An example: your jacket.

Purchased and made a cooperative of the India. Support local, building business, custom made jacket, and a sort of journey to the root of the luxury. Is this facet where Bendell is focusing its business focus, let us see that luxury is something that does not have why to destroy, but to create, Let us meet and interact with our surroundings.

It is true that Bendell chose India as a much more affordable destination that Geneva, for example, where has it also passed seasons. But it is clear that part of the philosophy of life has pierced him.

But let us return to the luxury, “it is very difficult to make a revolution in an expensive city. In the world there are secrets related to the material world. We have to see those objects, its creation, its effect, its use, as something sacred,”he says..

  • How is luxury in different countries?

“For some luxury is desired abundance and not spirituality. In the East it is different, the spiritual is prepended to the material. For others, the beauty is the materialization of the divine. You have to keep in mind the luxury interior, where meditation, aspirations, come to light, we realize and be aware,”said Bendell.

“What we want is the sensation more than things”.

“And there is the challenge of the luxury, the sensations”, phrase to reflect.” Perhaps go to a luxury where experience, where feelings mark a thin line with mass consumption?

  • How can transcend this?

“The challenge of the experiences and feelings will be difficult, but it will be fun to try”.

  • And the question is,?We are as ready consumers to achieve a change of mentality from the names in the luxury? Are they ready?

“The consumer is ready if the press is not”, and there goes the new company of Bendell, form leading executives, and even journalists in the new concept of luxury, sustainable, different, sensational, based on the experiences…

An evening with Jim Bendell gives to reflect much, and among the many phrases, anecdotes, experience and desire to change, I’ll take a concept, co-creation, a work philosophy that Bendell feels more than insurance that will change the concept of sustainable luxury.

In the picture, with the book Secrets of luxury, Edition Spanish since it was mine, and from whom Bendell is the author of the foreword.

PD, I can not forget luxury that might suppose that María Eugenia Girón was my translator… thanks!

JEM Bendell He wanted to add something else after the reading the interview, and here you have his words: “I do not dispute that the East is more spiritual of the West. In fact, I’ve argued that generalizations are inaccurate, even in a recent publication. My argument is that it is not possible to the same distinction between matter and spirit in Eastern philosophies which in the philosophies of the Western, so we can find ideas for a more environmentally friendly approach of matter and the nature of Eastern philosophies. Today some of the most “Western” societies are geographically in the East, like Singapore or Hong Kong, so I never say to the East or West is more or less spiritual”.