Expert Tips for Production of Knitted Shirts and T-Shirts

This is one of the expert tips contained in the publication business ideas for 2014-knitted shirts and T-shirts: estimates of additional demand for shirts with local identity are directly proportional to the number of travelers who will visit our country in the years to come.

The products have year-round demand, including out of the tourist market. And the best profit margins are found in companies in which creativity and innovation are relevant aspects of your strategy. The need to reduce costs is a priority for the small businesses, due to the strong limitations materials that make them have higher unit costs.

600,000 foreign visitors are expected in visit to Brazil during the sporting events. In addition, 3.1 million of Brazilians will be traveling across the country during the tournament. All these people will be visiting sights and buying local souvenirs.

It is estimated that only with the 2014 World Cup, the country’s economy will have an increase of $183 billion by 2019 R.

The numbers of tourism show that Brazil is still essentially traveler. But the projections for the major sporting events is that the disparity diminishes between Brazilian and foreign numbers: during the World Cup, for each 5 Brazilian tourists there must be foreign 1.

It is expected that the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will contribute to increase the influx of international tourists in Brazil, from the current 5 million per year to 7.5 million of visitors until 2014, and should reach 9 million tourists in 2018. And they will circulate for many cities and regions, including using shirts with local identity and other products that will acquire during your travels according to HEALTHVV.

The need to learn more about the profile of tourists who will visit our country during the sporting mega events, led the Ministry of tourism, in partnership with the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), perform a search with the tourists who have been to the 2010 FIFA World Cup, in South Africa. It is believed that the profile of visitors who will come to Brazil is quite similar.

It was found that 83% are male, 70% are between 25 and 44 years, 60% and 86% have concluded, at least the upper reaches. 87% paid for the trip with own resources and spent on average R $11400, not counting the cost of passage. Among its main expenditures are food and drink, accommodation, local transportation and tickets to the games. 52% say that would perform some spent buying gifts and souvenirs.

These tourists, who stayed an average of 17.6 times in South Africa, have average household income of R $23000. 83% of them stated that they would make additional tourism, i.e. perform activities not related to the sporting event. It is worth mentioning that whoever did additional tourism was, on average, three more days in the African country. 69% have stayed in hotels and guesthouses and 87% were for the first time in the country. The survey also reveals that every tourist visited, on average, 3.8 South African cities. Among the respondents, 92% knew that Brazil would be the seat of the next World Cup and 20% of them had already visited our country.

Tourists always demand products that will provide comfort, protection and well-being during the trip and that serve as memories of the good times experienced on their travels. In General, they’re looking for memories that your close relationship with the city, the country, the sites visited, lived experiences.

Business expectations with the production and sale of knitwear shirts emblazoned with local and regional reasons, for sale to tourists and travelers during the FIFA events in Brazil are quite optimistic.

To increase the demand and the impulse to buy shirts with iconographic motifs of local identity in the points of sales, the manufacturers of these products have been very creative and innovative, using images related to our flora, fauna, symbols, culture, beaches, famous locations and local tourist events.

Learn more about this business option with focus on tourism of Brazil, in the publication business ideas for 2014- knitted shirts and T-shirts. In addition to market information, you’ll get guidance on cost aspects, structure, sources of funding and legislation, among others.