Fabiola Bracho, For Powerful Women

Magnificent, detailed, unique, brilliant, unmissable, bold, innovative, those are the words that define the line Buru by Fabiola Bracho, jewels worthy of a Cleopatra that will dress them to their full potential, without fear of shining before the crowd.

They are pieces of Contemporary Jewelery designed to make history and be part of your history as an empowered woman. Do you dare to discover more about them?

From dream to reality

“The one who always wants can, it’s just a question of attitude”, says the author’s adage behind the success of this Panamanian brand, Fabiola Bracho. One morning more than 10 years ago this lawyer of profession after an epiphanic dream decides to found a firm of High Jewelery, a firm that will conform to its vision of creative, intense, exclusive jewels and inspired by the love of art and good taste , A signature that could only exist in dreams, until now.

And of course, it is obvious that this goal could not have been reached without the poise and perseverance of this immigrant designer from Venezuela. Taking inspiration from fashion legends like Coco Chanel, Fabiola did not surrender to the adversities that the world put in its way. This determination continues to shine, reinventing itself at every opportunity with new forms of goldsmithing that emerge from its ingenuity with the cooperation of a team of highly trained designers from the Buru workshops, always seeking to learn and experiment to bring to the runway revolutionary jewels that Resonate with you and vanguard fashion.

Imponencia in the world of fashion

At present, the Buru by Fabiola Bracho line contains numerous collections, each one has pieces handcrafted with attention to the smallest detail resulting each jewel perfect and tailor made, according to the preference of customers.

Among the most successful collections are Queen Of The Queens and Cleopatra , as their names indicate, both abound in elegance and luxury, displaying vibrant colors of gold and gilding, asymmetry and unconventional forms in their design, but maintaining usability As a priority. A recurring practice in these highly original models is the use of numerous beads and intricate gold thread structures to accentuate the large semiprecious stones that create the definite and unforgettable style of the signature. Bold, sumptuous and regal are the perfect descriptors of these gems. Why not give that majestic touch to your look?

Another collection that fascinates us is Strong, with a somewhat more sober palette of beige, golden and brown with a lower proportion of burgundy, blue and purple.The unifying pattern of this collection is the use of woven texture of Gold Filled yarn with 18k gold bath parallel to the dynamic use of the flexible and circular forms of the maxibrazaletes and declaration pieces. The vibe of this set of accessories is somewhat rough and ethnic but maintaining the elegant sense for a rather cool formal look.

Although if you want to revive your outfit, then we recommend that you choose Mystic Gardens, this collection is an Eden for those who love color, and can show off floral-inspired bib necklaces or large pendants of nebula stones that would go great with A cocktail ring or matching earrings.

Love Affair also shines with bright shades like yellow and blue, with cheerful and delicate pieces, so you can dress Fabiola Bracho in your day to day in acomfortable way. This trend is followed by the Gracia collection, capable of giving a chic look to your everyday style and maintaining the distinctive metallic fabric pattern that characterizes the brand’s pieces. And finally we can not forget Pure, with graceful touches, use a lighter palette including white and silver, made to complement your most romantic outfits.

A must-see star

It is evident the expansion of the brand when it is observed its record in prizes and recognitions in the Latin American and international catwalks, with its trajectory capturing the eye of many. Winner of the Marangoni Award at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2015, participant of New York Fashion Week and one of the most prolific views of Fashion Week Panama, as well as being one of the companies responsible for the dress and jewelry in the beauty contest Miss Panama.

What distinguishes it from other rising signatures is its amazing ability to devise creations that satisfy fashionistas hearts like mine. They are creative, innovative and avant-garde jewelry, with a great deal of detail and work in each piece, but without losing sight of the pragmatic and everyday aesthetics.

The gems of Buru by Fabiola Bracho are those that you can visualize on a catwalk of Haute couture and dress them in an important business dinner where you want to leave an amazing impression, they are surprising pieces that express a clear and significant image of power, freedom and femininity . They are accessories that understand what it means to be fashionable. So the question is what are you waiting for to join the Fabiola Bracho trend?