Facebook Denies Adding Recent Visitors

I remember like it was today. The Google implemented on Orkut display of people who had recently entered the profile. Many people liked the initiative and many people hated (especially stalkers duty). Now there is a rumor that the Facebook will add the same feature. But – note there – is blatant lie, according to the company.

The image below has been circulating on the social network. The author asks users to click to share, with the aim that Facebook does not add the “Recent Visitors” to the default interface.

The screenshot in question, in which the Facebook layout includes “Recent Visitors” below the list with the events that are coming is unfounded. The information was passed by Facebook Brazil in the early evening today to our site. Hopefully people will immediately stop believing in another rumor.

I bet it was just another invention to raise friends or followers on the social network. Hopefully it does not work out.