Facebook Plans to Host Content From News Sites Own Social Network

Soon, you may not even need to leave the Facebook to read a news story. The social network is negotiating with media companies so that they publish content on Facebook itself, according to The New York Times. In addition to the newspaper itself, BuzzFeed and National Geographic were among the first partners of the new format, which will be released in the coming months.


It is a big change in the way news portals currently work. Newspapers usually keep your readers browsing in their own sites to generate revenue from advertising or even signatures if the publication is very attached to the paywall, as is the case of Folha, Estado and O Globo, for example, that (theoretically) release only one certain of materials per month for non – paying users.

According to The New York Times, anonymous sources report that Facebook is talking to media companies to find a way to generate money with content, making it more attractive format for publications. In the midst of a hosted news on Facebook there any advertising; the ad revenue would be divided between the social network and the newspaper.

Not everyone is happy: the British The Guardian, for example, would be commenting onbehind the scenes, with colleagues from other newspapers that media companies should keep track of their own advertising. In addition, The New York Times cites another problem with the partnership, newspapers could lose access to users’ personal data, collected whenever you access a page. Instead, this valuable information would end up going to Facebook.

But why Facebook wants to do that? Basically, we all know the reason, but the argument of social networking is that it would improve the user experience. Today, Facebook lists the news from your favorite newspapers with a link to take you to the publication site. This takes time: one page takes about eight seconds to load. Facebook wants to streamline this, thinking especially in mobile connections in a time savings would be welcome.