Fancy Fashion Rings

Gold or silver, discrete or twinkling, the fancy rings go by and not alike.Selection of the models we love combine with our fingers.

There are those that you wear every day, those that put and take over the days: the fancy rings punctuate our outfits according to our desires.

Whether we like it or not, the trends apply even to the fancy rings. Just a ride on Pinterest and Instagram to quickly realize that the “trick” of the moment, it is to combine rings, size and colours on his knuckles. Not necessarily very practical to put on each morning but so insured arty effect has something to appeal.

The hit wide rings have also rated as the rings thin and outdated, the key words being simplicity and minimalism. Exit the big bagouzes overloaded so precious stones are mounted on fine and discrete structures while diamonds are reduced to their smallest size.

Another trend: the rings split see outright triple, revealing those who are only around the underside of the finger jewelry on part and sides of the structure or the rings in snails that follow the shape of the finger. If she does not appear in its simplest form, the fancy ring is deconstructs, distorts for a less conventional design, often tribal inspirations.

Discrete, imposing, sober or sparkling, discover 20 rings at to beautify our hands.