Fashion on the Street: the Casual, Casual and Sporty

Makes me very funny thinking how long many streetstylers are planning their Street looks so spontaneous. If makeup here, that if this dress, these heels that will only hold 10 seconds, if the pose in this way and not the other that the Physio told me that I have to take care of the back from the last time… All those curious details that already Di by Dior collected with success.

It’s funny how in the end is more difficult to find true fashion on the street that looks artificial and worthy of flea market magazine poses. The good casual, informal and sporty style, call it as you like, come on, the real day to day, that we get to go to work, to class or to a turn, scarce.

The Denim jackets us out of so much trouble as own jeans and give a casual look suitable for many occasions. To stripes (H & M), as we have seen the fashion of these days and with leggings and white Vans Shoes.

The blazers are not so common as it seems to see so many looks from the street. Nor are the more Executive for a normal day, or even the casual style. Even less depending on what combinations. Yet as we see in the first style of this post there are many ways to wear them well. Also the ponchos they are that limit turn the set into something less usual but if this gives us a daily style not collide both.

We can always resort to the shirts (H & M) as an alternative to these jackets and jackets. A good style as of Maddy C It is easy to get these days. (White and red)Zara) with accessories in Brown, including boots.

In the end, many opt for the fine Jersey in a more informal style. Green, white and grey do not fail together.

Sweaters that opt for measures broad these days and back to stripes. Bonnie Barton doesn’t disappoint with this jersey’s H & M and the jeggings with worn shoes.

It shows how they are still kicking summer stripes and are incorporated into the new trends such as the leather and color Bordeaux. Adela S opt for H & M, Petit Bateau jersey shorts, bag from Uterqüe and slippers from a Bensimon.

If we keep taking advantage of the summer the white dresses It will be a safe option. These combine very well with almost everything, even with shoes Vans, which give the whole a more sporty.

The tejano style looks good with white and Brown (although to a better daily style leave Roses at home).

Fashion moles do not disappoint in blue and white with a bit of flying together to a model the Victoria life style.

Got a little more flair arrives in the small details like the sashes with flashy ties while the rest of the set remains a very good everyday aesthetics.

The Shirt You can not miss, let alone with jeans and moccasins.

Different looks perfect for any time without major complications.