Fay in Homage to the Myth: Collection Dedicated to Snoopy

The new collection of the Italian firm Fay He had seen her only in photo and I loved it since I am a big fan of Snoopy, I think we all have a special predilection for the mascot of Charlie Brown, at least in my generation, that have brought her portfolios, backpacks, and of course decorating the jeans and sneakers shoes.

Appears that creative directors of Fay, Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi are “my stick”, if I allow the expression, judging from this collection alegre dedicated almost exclusively to the mythical Snoopy.

New sportwear designs looking for sophistication but fun, a dynamic woman with a life coosmopolita which does not lack the sense of humor. Very appropriate paa has seemed the sea but at the same time extremely urbanite, in the sense of that present us anoracks and light jackets for navigation or the atardecers on the coast and at the same time very elegant designs for anywhere else, but always with the detail of the philosopher dog.

Coats psspartout, taking on different personality depending on the occasion and the accessory, with juxtapositions that are reminiscent of the 1970s, in a revival of the effervescence of irony and heterogeneous and eclectic looks from the Italy of the time.

Mini skirts, slightly evasé combined with Sports jackets of volumes round with skin applications. And if we talk about lightweight fabrics, but with body the Duchess and thecotton bi-strecht take the cat to water. They are fabrics that create games of unexpected volumes, body that siluetean forms.

As for color, the Blue ranges, white yellow, reds, Greens and oranges, bright glad summer, with Navy Blue, as navy who is the protagonist of each summer season. And add-ins are divided equally between snakers or high heel shoe, Although I do like is the classic bag baulette, completely Italian returning with force, so let us not nothing at home.

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