Finally: Fashion From Guido Maria Kretschmer At Affordable Prices Online

The TV Designer And Audience Favorite Opens Its Own Online Shop

The German fashion designer Guido Maria Kretschmer has conquered all women’s hearts with the show “Shopping Queen” on VOX. In many episodes, the naughty juror comments on the outfits of the shopping competition. Fans have since dreamed of being able to decorate themselves with the creations of the style icon. We show you how to get a piece of Guido Maria Kretschmer home.

Guido’s First Online Shop

The attentive onlineshoppers among you have already noticed: It is not impossible to come to the affordable fashion of the cordial man with the flower barrier! In 2013, he launched an exclusive collection for Ebay, which was out of print within a very short time. Of course, you still have the opportunity to purchase second-hand designer parts at Ebay.

“Anyone who is afraid of bad quality, can breathe again. I have every shirt, blouse and trousers produced in Europe.”

But since November 2014, Guido Maria Kretschmer’s own online shop has opened its virtual doors and since then has been inviting all Guido fans to get their trendy clothes in their own wardrobe just like PHILOSOPHYNEARBY.COM. All those who are concerned about the contents of their purse at the thought of the price of the designer pieces may breathe a sigh of relief: the collection, which the designer now sells online, is a particularly favorable line. Thus at least a part of the works of the TV-favorite is also affordable for the normal earners.

Shoes By Guido Maria Kretschmer Buy Online

Since the online shop of Guido only a small part of his Œ offered uvres, it pays to keep my eyes open in the network to constantly discover new Guido delicacies. In the assortment of Zalando you can currently find a remarkable selection of shoes from the prominent fashion creator.

The design of the Guido treads is classic and the price is also right. With the sandals and the sandals the modem maker created for högl, your feet are an absolute highlight for festive occasions as well as in everyday life.Depending on the model you have to pay for the exquisite pieces around 120 euros. Currently, however, some models are reduced in price. With your new shoes, you’ll be light-footed on every Christmas and New Year’s Eve party, as if Guido was wearing you.

Onlineshops With Accessories Of The TV Favorite

Also in shopping clubs such as Brandsforfriends or Zalando Lounge are offered now and then brand parts by Guido Maria Kretschmer at reasonable prices. Hardcore fans have, of course, long since secured the chic clutch, which was recently held in a brandforfriends action. Lost? Then you have to work on your Guido fan potential – or keep an eye on the collections, which will be available for online purchase in the future.

In his own online shop, the TV designer has been offering a few jewels since November. Among other things, chains and bracelets. You can be curious about how the collection will shape in the future.

Guido Marias Designer Clothes

If you just want to slip into Guido’s masterpieces, just borrow one of his haute couture dresses at! Of course, it would be better to have his own dress in his closet. But until the savings are enough, you can simply sniff a bit of Guido air and return the borrowed piece after a few days.

His haute couture has unfortunately only been sold by the designer in limited editions in selected shops. An overview is available on Guido’s own  homepage. Here the television star also offers you the opportunity to marvel at his current robes and to dream.

Consciousness Plaster: Guido Maria Kretschmer In The Evening Program

If there is currently no new Designermode by Guido Maria Kretschmer in the Onlineshop, you nurture your longing best with the sayings of the happy fashion creator. There is good news for this: Soon the latest highlight of our esteemed TV designer starts. Guido is now looking for the most beautiful woman in Germany.The castings are already running and from 2015 the hearty fashion czar will tell the stories of special women2. So look forward to his emotional and exciting comments and keep your date calendar free for your date with Guido!

In this sense: “Let the pugs get out, the woll’n also something to experience.”