Find the Perfect Bikini for Your Body Shape

You soon go on vacation, but you are still missing something critical:find the swimsuit that will highlight and enable you to be the best on the beach.

Each year, you dream of finally finding one who will turn you into a goddess but every time it’s the same thing, you don’t really know what form is most adapted to your morphology. Here are our tips to choose your shirt according to the characteristic features of different silhouettes.

What swimsuit according to my body shape?

I have marked size:

Cristina Cordula would say “You’re an X my cheriiiie”. What does that therefore mean? You have a harmonious and very feminine silhouette. Lucky! It is the body who can afford to wear all forms of jerseys. Swimsuit one piece or swimsuit two parts, with Ruffles, with prints, the choice is limitless for you! You can even divert the use of your shirt of bath according to your wishes!

I have little or no size:

You have a silhouette in H. It comes to feminize your body shape, to create, enhance and refine your size. The must? A swimsuit one-piece which is equipped with a belt.

I have generous hips:

You are a has. We therefore draw attention to the upper body. Push-up with suspenders type shirts are perfect for diversion.

I have square shoulders:

You are a V. Yes, you have a good body, and then? High size pants and tops of the type classic bandeau (strapless) swimsuit are preferable to harmonize your silhouette.

I have a small belly I want to hide:

Be aware ladies this isn’t because you don’t have a belly that is perfect as some stars that you need to hide and wrap you in your Briefcase! Swimwear one piece at a time leading, sexy and feminine you will go perfectly and will hide the object of your complex with elegance. If you want a swimsuit two pieces, you’ll love the tankini, very trendy this season. This swimsuit is composed of underwear and a tank top as a bikini top, the ideal alternative to the two famous pieces!

What swimsuit under my breast size?

I don’t have a chest:

If you have a small chest you expand and feminize your silhouette. Draw in the UPS type headband, push ups, reinforced triangles and those which develop in the neck, in order to put your breasts in value. Feel free to choose shirts with prints, frilly or ruffles. They will give volume to your chest. Similarly, If you have no ass, bet on stockings with Ruffles or frilly.

I have a chest and generous hips:

You are an O. Highlight your chest, it’s your best asset! Choose swimsuits with a push-up with wide straps, the necklines, bras to hulls, for a perfect hold and don’t hesitate to try the leading swimwear. No, they are not reserved to Bridget Jones. Your voluptuous forms will be sculpted and magnified with this type of swimsuit.

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