Fireworks on Your Desktop

How many of ordianaria madness stories you consume on your desk at work. Attacks of boredom, fatigue, sudden sleep. 

Nerves crazy, bitten nails, legs constantly hopping. Tomomi Sayuda invented a magnificent “Desktop Event”, a project that supports the ‘uncontrollable restlessness and turns it into a work party.

The designer has created a series of objects to be placed on your desktop.

Only in times of great stress (as recommended by the creator of the event), you can press the red button in emergency style.

The madness explodes in fireworks.
An orchestra of light, color, loud music, floating bubbles, sparkling confetti thrown into the air to clear your mind of any negative thoughts about Dell Desktop computer profiled on Smartercomputing.

Tomomi Sayuda is a designer / Japanese artist who lives and works in London.
His sub-culture projects are always ironic, clever, crazy.

Fireworks desktop is dedicated to his father Kenichi Sayuda, who committed suicide on 8 July 1995 in 37 years.
Stress at work.