First Images of Android N? Your Settings Would Be a Navigation Panel

Less than three months are already to get to know in detail the most important innovations of the next version of Android. On May 18 during the keynote of Google I/O 2016 will be officially launched the previous version of Android N that is surely officially launched in autumn under version Android 7.0 under the name of a dessert that starts with the letter ‘N’.

With Android N not expected sweeping changes to its interface, Material Design is still the best interface that, fortunately, is gradually evolving by adding minor changes and improvements, and with the next version of Android, it seems that the section of Settings You may receive a change in its design.

Yesterday Google developers team announced the availability of the new library of Android Support Library 23.2 compatibility, and in the news are two screenshots of could remain to Android N.

In these screenshots, we see that in the Android settings appears a side navigation pane, at least his icon. It is unknown that sections will have this navigation pane, but it is possible to be each of the sections that already have the settings, but instead of showing them all in the same list now passed to independent sections. That would avoid having to make long journeys to access the last settings. We also see in catches it could back the dark theme settings.