First Official Pictures of The BlackBerry Torch 9810 2 and 9860 Touch

While still not been announced formally, the 9810 2 Torch BlackBerry and 9860 Touch they have been seen on multiple occasions in images and videos, this is the first time that we have access to official images for the documentation distributed by RIM to the different media from your Department.

Something that may lead to think that the Canadian multinational may be about to present both models in a short space of time, despite the touch of retreat yesterday carried out via its official Twitter account, denying the appearance of new terminals in the course of this week.

The 9810 BlackBerry Torch 2 seems almost identical to the model that preceded it and opened the way for hybrid devices from RIM. However, and as it should obey the natural evolution of the device, it seems that will feature enhanced features such as a touch screen with VGA resolution of 640 × 480 pixels, processor 1.2 GHz and operating system BlackBerry OS 7.

As for the BlackBerry 9860 Touch, or Volt as it could also happen to be called, it would share processor and operating system with the Torch 2 previously mentioned, completely lacking the characteristic QWERTY keyboard of these terminals, replacing it entirely with one quality WVGA capacitive touch screen.

Much of these data will have been pouring in different ways because of different leaks of which devices have been subject, which does not mean that these differ in some aspect with the final product marketed.