First Rumors of the LG G Watch R2

Android Wear has just hit the market, although a relatively wide variety of devices are already available. By our hands have passed some like Moto 360 or LG G Watch R , and it is clear that it is an upward market that will grow during the next months.

The next step? Many bet on following the model of Samsung with the Gear S, look for smartphone independent smartphone and not mere accessories of it.Samsung, as we say, has already done so, and the next could be LG with a revitalized G Watch R2 on which begin to emerge the first rumors.

The LG G Watch R2 is considered an evolution with few aesthetic changes with respect to the G Watch R, with the round sphere (and, it seems, captivates much more than models based on right angles) but with a major hardware difference: 4G connectivity/LTE to achieve that desiredindependence according to

One of the keys to this new model is the operating system. With the T-based Gear S,LG G Watch R2 could continue betting on Android Wear , being in this way the first to become independent of Android from smartphones. There are many doubts and nothing is closed, of course, although it is speculated that LG’s new invention will be presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (March 2-5, 2015) in which it begins to predict Google put the focus Precisely on Android Wear.A functional system, but with a great margin of improvement that could begin to evolve in the well-known telephone fair of Barcelona, ​​and that by those months should already have the strong competition of Apple and its Watch