Flat Shoes For Heroines

Work, classes, children, family, and, after all this, to see if we can achieve a handful of minutes to pamper us. That is our life, friends! To do this, will be added that we are flirty. We like to get cute and clean and clear, that price, at the end is just paying but “to brag about: we must suffer!” Yes, dear, we refer to heels but many of you already know the trend of flat shoes for heroines. Yes, we are heroines which Juana de Arco!

In each and every one of us, there is within us a historical heroine or the accumulation of many. We are brave and warlike, we defend our wishful thinking, we like to take the reins for the success. We are heroines of the 21st century.

In addition, we are governed by our scale of values and maintain the essence of women who stood out throughout the history. Intelligent and courageous women who gave dan and give some of them by and to improve the world in which we live. Do not take notice of them? For example, extrapolating the fashion universe: why does this erroneous belief that women only look elegant and sexy with heels? We have no doubt that heel stylize the legs and add value to the outfit but it may look a stylish flat shoes outfit? of course Yes! It is time for flat shoes, increasingly they have more room in our closets to heel, it is a reality.

Apart from being flat, can they be beautiful, stylish and elegant? Yes of course. A clear example of values, inspired and elegant are the Mislitas Juana. Inspired, as does not, in the great Juana de Arco, all a heroine of which we should take notice!

Hand-made in Spain-based materials such as: Suede, leather and pony skin. The Mislitas Juana flat shoes are a Basic for a woman “all-terrain”. If you want to know more about them click here: HEARTATTACKSKIRTS.COM.

High heels or Mislitas? What do you think?