Floor Lamps Guide

When we decorate the rooms of our house, we do not pursue only the functionality, but also seek to achieve effects and sensations that convey warmth and comfort. On the issue of lighting, lamp type are definitely more lights ceiling lamps, since their light reaches equally to all corners. However, with a floor lamp we create a more localized light source that will create a warm and welcoming space there where the lamp is.

Our mission is to make each home a more beautiful and welcoming place and this floor lamps play an important role. We find floor lamps in all styles here, from modern minimalist lamps standing on white to other more traditional and romantic style. In addition, we also find the latest in LED technology, LED bulbs or LED lamps, start saving and protecting the environment by acquiring an LED lamp.

In the beginning, the lamps were used as an additional lighting in the rooms. Today, this kind of lights are essential elements in classrooms, offices or showrooms. In addition, these lamps pose no complication – even if space is limited, its long , narrow design fits anywhere. And thanks to its lightness, the lamps can be moved easily and quickly.


In recent years, the design and appearance of the floor lamps have undergone many changes. The increasing use of stainless steel and other modern materials and high quality favors a much more self – assured and actual results in the lamp. Today, floor lamps are both stylish and versatile time, so it can be easily integrated in different environments and styles of decoration.

Many models of lamps include an extra arm with an independent, ideal for use in the bedroom or light in the lounge and reading lamp.

The base of the lamps is next to the lampshade and the bulb, the most important part of the lamp, so it is very important to choose the design that best suits the rest of the decor. However the design of the base of the lamp is not everything, their functional properties are even more important.

Floor lamps are usually quite large, especially at the top of the lamp where the light is projected. For this reason, it is important that the foot is robust enough to offset the excess weight. In addition, the lamp base is usually cable access output, so must meet the safety requirements concerning electricity.


It is not easy to choose a piece of furniture or decoration, either outside or inside the house. Precisely for this reason, we make your job easier. Here we give you the keys so that you have the necessary information to choose the best lamp for your space. Take note!

  • First key. Measures and size is important to consider the measures and the size of the lamps to see if they are suitable for a given space. The height of the room, the base and the curve of the lamp are also key factors in choosing a floor lamp. Analyzes all these elements before decant for one or another lamp.
  • Second key:. Distribution Depending on the space available and the environment we want to create, we can choose different types of lamps in different areas of the room. For example, you can place different lamps at different points or corners of the room, so that encuadren the room.
  • Third key. Design, color and material Needless to say that both the design and the color and material are very important traits to choose a floor lamp. If we want a cool and casual air, we have several options such as lamps or large extendable foot hoses. If we want our room emit a more classic and sophisticated air, floor lamps with lampshade be our best allies. If we have a living room or bedroom Nordic – style lamps will be the best metal finishing or black color.
  • Fourth key. Lighting is essential to pay attention to those areas of the house that have less lighting, as will be ideal for lighting with lamps. You need an extra light at a particular point or you want to create a reading area, floor lamps are pieces that will adapt easily.

Consider these four keys and eligirás lamp right foot .


Options for installing and connecting the lamps are very diverse: the classic is a simple on-off switch, which can be found on cable or lamp holder. The latest and innovative models typically include a regulator with which to easily adjust the light intensity. Thus, you can create the desired environment in a particular space. If the lamp includes an additional arm with a separate light, both switches are usually separated, so also can be controlled independently.