Fly Fishing Guide For Beginners

How To Get Started On Fly Fishing, Fly Fisherman Philosophy

Today we publish the story of one of our readers and friends where he tells us his passion for the practice of fly fishing, from his origins, evolution, advice, materials and his philosophy when facing this beautiful art of fishing With fly.

As you all know Fly fishing is a very special technique that entails having a different and exclusive material, a technique that does not leave anyone indifferent and good fishing fans who want to try new experiences do not hesitate to spend sometime in their life  especially in rivers and reservoirs.

So let’s read your story …

First steps

“My passion for fly fishing was something natural. This passion evolved from my youth where I spent not only chasing the fish, but also trying to discover the secrets of the rivers filled with all those creatures that inhabited it.

“If you’ve never caught fish before or have not done it seriously, but you’d like to learn, you have a couple of options. The first is to buy a spinning rod, some lures, a box of worms, and go straight to fish. The second option is that before beginning a day of several hours trying to catch some fish, you  learn first about the types of water, the structure and movements of the fish, more appropriate weather conditions, better local fishing areas etc … with this you will have a Solid training before catching your first, and challenging, fly fishing rod.”

 Shortening the learning curve

“Whatever approach you choose, remember that it is a learning process and it will take time. It is not advisable to begin with a complicated maneuver, such as using a 18-inch dry fly for trout fishing in a wooded stream, as you are very likely to feel frustrated and discouraged by the results.”

“Like any student, you will have the satisfaction of the job well done as you gain experience . Step into a trout pond where open spaces and fish will help you be more successful.”

“You can learn on your own, but having a patient friend or tutor by your side is invaluable. If these friends are scarce, look for one of the many fly fishing clubs around your province, which are sure to be there and where you can meet like-minded people and get great knowledge.”

“If you are really interested in learning from the best, look for a qualified instructor. Having a second pair of eyes to see and correct your defects has a great didactic value. And do not think that this process stops, the best golfers have swing coaches, and every flyer can continue learning and polishing their release even if they are already an expert fisherman, never stop learning. ”

Fly fishing equipment

“Having a well balanced equipment (cane, reel and line) is one of the most important requirements. If any of them is not according to a cane too light, heavy or powerful, your success will be limited and your enjoyment in the water will be diminished.”

“First equip yourself with everything you need to get started. Many brands have offers for beginners that are superior to the high end models of just a few years ago due to technological advancements. Seek advice from a quality fly store staff, and be prepared to answer your questions about the type of fishing you want to do and your estimated budget.”

 Fly fishing is a great sport

“Fly fishing is a sport, a sport built in tradition and conservation. And with it come the rules and guidelines (some more flexible than others), the size of the fish, the environment and other aspects.”

“Anyway, the tradition of this sport defines it and fills us with reverence. The history and philosophy of fly fishing are as important as the physical and technical aspects of other well-known sports ”

The Rebirth of Fly Fishing

“Although fly fishing has a long tradition, the modern fly fisherman is intelligent in terms of electronics, equipment, technical clothing, design, fishing techniques and species of fish pursued in this mode.”

“Although the middle-aged men still predominate in the practice of fly fishing, things are changing, everything has become more diverse and women are being attracted to this sport. Every day there are more young fishermen who upload their best catch to social networks.”

A state of mind

“Of all the attributes a fisherman needs to succeed, I believe that trust is the most important. Once you have decided to fly, and when times get tough, (believe me it will happen) you will be tempted to leave the fly rod in the car or on the shore. It is precisely in these moments when you  need your confidence to go ahead and become what you really want , a true fly fisherman full of confidence and wisdom.”

Above all, have fun

“Do not get me wrong, I fish to catch fish. But fly fishing is more an attitude, since it is a physical action, andthe whole experience is more important than any catch. ”

“There is an enormous amount of information at your fingertips, from the media, social networks, forums, blogs and videos. This is both a blessing and a curse. The learning curve can be expensive, but information overload is problematic. Focus on the basics of fly fishing , and grow from there. Make it simple.”

The endless journey

“For me, the current challenge to fly fishermen is how to incorporate new ideas, trends and modern technology into this sport and still stay true to it.”

“The trip has only just begun, and surely it will be worth it, do you want to fly?”