Folders and Files are Produced

Folders and files are produced in various forms. The article is suitable for comfortable and structured storing business documents. The products in different dimensions in height, depth and width are available. Various shades can also be selected.

Kits are available in form of a multipart files with a corner clamping rubber or Klemmmappen. Latter articles are manufactured with transparent front cover and a back cover. The leaves can be placed safely in the solution, they have a Terminal. When purchasing the Klemmmappen, which are sometimes also called application folders, you can choose between copies for a different maximum number of acceptable leaves. The terminals are inter alia made permanently elastic plastic or steel. In the documents of varied without perforating or stapling can be stored easily. As well, solution products can be used for the compilation of documents in the context of a presentation.



Next to a folder, a folder represents a good way to save documents properly. The articles are manufactured with pin tabs and additional inside pockets for loose materials such as business cards or CDs. Many products have a handhold for a comfortable wearing. You can be labeled on the back, for example, with self-adhesive labels. Based on the title, the documents on an Office shelf are thus always easy to find. Folder items are often made of a sturdy plastic or metal and are sometimes equipped with an elastic band, which ensures a safe transport of documents. The products are available in the variants hanging folder, hard cardboard folders or Panel folder.