Forecast: 5 Reasons Why Apple Will Be Successful

Just two days ago, the Apple iPad air and that was iPad mini 2 presented with retina display. In addition to the obvious diet, but much more is behind the new Apple products than just faster hardware and thinner housings. Apple heralds a new product with the new tablets and the iPhone 5 S, which plays its technical superiority as a result, that she more or less mirror makes iOS the weaknesses of Android strengths Apple. We take the views and the future and show five reasons why Apple will continue to have success.

With the Apple iPhone 5S and the Apple iPhone 5C still no special new product strategy emerged. But now, after the new Apple Tablet have been introduced, one emerging clearly tendency in the company from Cupertino. It is striking: Apple iPad air and iPad mini 2 (we reported) have exactly the same hardware. They’re equipped with a 64-bit processor (and co-processor M7), both have a retina display with the same resolution, both come in the same memory versions up to maximum of 128 gb. This Apple is the alignment of the product range and makes the greatest weakness of Android to an Apple parade discipline.

The separation of hardware and software for Android makes problems has always been – this leads to missing updates, app programming more difficult, more complicated customization of software to hardware. Apple are hard – and software has always been in one hand and this is the decisive factor for the success of Apple in the future: with the now further enlarged unit of hardware through various product lines with only one processor, only a display resolution and only a certain amount memory can adapt better to the software in the future, more control over the improvement of the products.

Five reasons why Apple will be successful also in the future:

  • the perfect interplay of hardware and software ensures a high-quality user experience.
  • the idea of “Skeomorphismus” by “flat design” to replace, was initiated while significantly by Microsoft, Apple thinks the idea but with iOS 7 to end.
  • IPad air 3. the quality of the app at Apple rises continue due to the approximation of hardware from Apple iPhone 5 S, and iPad mini 2.
  • Apple is still innovative, as M7 show motion processor and 64-bit Prozesssor fingerprint sensor.
  • If you want a compact high-end Smartphone attacks to the unavoidableApple iPhone 5S.