Frank Sinatra: His Best Songs To Dance At Your Wedding

Who has not Sung any melody of Frank Sinatra? If you have not sung “New York, New York” or “My Way” with all the feeling in the world, is probably because you are not of this planet. This American singer songs became popular by its sticky rhythms, but also by its lyrics, to evoke love and heartbreak in a way in which we can easily identify.

Frank Sinatra: His Best Songs To Dance At Your Wedding

For this and many other reasons, songs by Frank Sinatra are perfect for your first dance of marriage. Don’t know which one to choose? These are our favorite 5:

Fly Me To The Moon (“Take Me Flying To The Moon”)

This song, one of the most romantic singer, talks about a man who longs to be with the woman he loves.

Take me flying to the Moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what life is like
On Jupiter and Mars…
In other words, take my hand
In other words, baby, Kiss me.

Truth that they have felt so just look at it?

Strangers In The Night / Strangers In The Night

They say that love at first sight does exist. And it is that, many times, a glance is enough for us to know is with that person that we want to spend the rest of our lives. Do you feel that level of complicity? This song is for you.

Since that night
We’ve been together
Lovers at first sight
And in love forever…

I Get A Kick Out Of You / I Love To Be With You

What can be more stimulating to spend some time as a couple? If in addition to being boyfriends, they are best friends, this song portrays their relationship perfectly.

Does not stimulate the champagne
The alcohol?
I does not move at all
Then tell me why should truth
what only the step well with you?

You Make Me Feel So Young / You Make Me Feel So Young

Nothing could be more refreshing than an affair that pushes us every day to be better and experience new things. If you feel your relationship to rejuvenate them day by day, what better way to portray him with this melody?

You make me feel so young
You make me feel
There are songs to sing
Campaigns to make sound
And a wonderful adventure to try.

Something Stupid / Something Silly

This song tells the story of an unrequited love, but the melody is so soft and the voice of the woman who accompanies, so sweet, that it is impossible not to consider it a perfect ballad for the first dance of marriage.

The time is indicated,
Your perfume wrapped my head,
Reddening of Starlight, and
Oh, the night is so blue.
And then it ruined everything
Saying something stupid like “I love you”…