Fred Perry Returns to The Fray with a New Limited Edition of Their Collection Cycling

Fred Perry has done again it: for the second consecutive year has launched its collection known as limited edition Cycling, that includes new garments inspired by the world of cycling. In this way, dissolves the line that separates the design characteristic of the jerseys and the Poles, resulting in some very interesting proposals.

In this collection for this spring/summer 2012, we are poles with different patterns and colors, all very youthful style, with zipper at the neck and Pocket on the lower part of the back, to carry our belongings without risk to lose them when we’re pedaling.

In the case of this model, the Pocket will be buttoned and provides enough space to carry a bottle of water.

One of the most original designs is that of the polo, in white polka dots print.

But not only pole man live. Cycling also has this model of slippers of leather and a shoulder bag, as ideal complements for a day of adventure with the bicycle.

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