From Time Shrewdness and Shopping Madness

I’ve known it exactly… already at least two weeks in advance-without ever knowing what it’s all about… I’ve known it… YES !!! I can do that when it comes to the change of time.Successfully past the last 6 months, she took me then tonight, the reality that steals an hour. But why did I know it before, although I did not know it?

Push The Button

The logic is, admittedly, bit difficult to understand. But otherwise I can not explain why I started about two weeks before the change of time, how to order the orderbutton in various online shops uuuuund and much worse-I have also not sent back anything from the ordered stuff. The only logical explanation: the time change !!! Clearly so far? I mean, my subconscious mind was busy not letting my mind know that the hourly chatter is in front of the door, and has ordered nothing but crazy things. Rock, shoes, sweaters, cardigan, jewelery, jeans… somehow nothing was safe from me… Even the children did not have to go through Mama’s season change delusion… grmpf

Foolish Explanation

Since it is absolutely understandable that I have to sleep to-night… I have to recover, from the shopping madness, the grueling unpacking and the paying of bills, while I tried with great effort, my Kontostand not to watch. Uuuund and the stolen hour one must also not forget… It would be really actually only… so sooner than now… Jetlag somehow… Despite all the temporal adversities and the at all non-springy weather, I wish you a wonderful, lazy and relaxed Sunday and hope, You give my insidious attempt at explanation a chance… a clever little-dear greeting-Conny

PS: and if you think now, there is today some of my new parts to marvel, I unfortunately disappoint you… All the clothes are for me these temperatures really too fresh… (except for the jeans maybe…) leeeeiiiiider-there is again An outfit in blue and black… still one of my favorite color combinations…