FutureMark Presents The Best Android of 2014 According to Their Benchmarks

Each end of the year there are awards and ratings, and it is that at this time plays choose to the best in 2014 to make way for a new year that will bring many more new features to the Android universe.

The Engadget Awards 2014 chose the best devices of the year, we will begin tomorrow same with our votes on the best games and applications, thing that Google has already done, and FutureMark also has been aiming to launch a ranking with the best terminals It made its benchmark in 2014.

The first published tables samples the best devices in terms of graphical power, response to ‘Ice Storm Unlimited’ test results, designed to rate the performance of the GPU minimizing the influence of the CPU.

He has also analyzed the performance of the devices in daily use, performing basic activities such as web browsing, media playback or photo editing and text. These tests have been done with PCMark for Android, which although it only takes a few weeks available in Google Play, has already obtained data of up to about 700 devices.

Other tests that can be performed with PCMark for Android aims at autonomy, is he liked running the same activities of basic use as the benchmark of performance though of recursively, to check how long really the device battery.

In this case the benchmark takes much more time to complete, so there is less amount of data. However, according to the own FutureMark, yes an as a good thing when it comes to quantifying the General capabilities of the device you can take en terms of the relationship between performance and autonomy.

The last table does not display aggregated data from last year, but the most popular Android devices during the past 30 days, or what is the same, devices with more benchmarks performed in the last month.

A good thing that surely will bring more light on the terminals used in 2014, as he has taken with all fish sold as new devices.

The values that show all tables are obviously the averages of all the results obtained by each terminal, excluding the values peak they were obviously extreme.

Do you think you data obtained by FutureMark? Do you agree?