G-1000 Clothes Grow with Greenland Wax

Trekking blog clarified recently already the theory to grow the G-1000 fabric from Fjällräven. Now, have I dared me then finally even Barents trousers to my, and would like to explain you the practical part here.

I bought the matching Greenland wax when buying the pants just to (6.50 euros, as can be seen in the photo) on calculatorinc.com. This block of a mixture of paraffin and beeswax, should extend for approximately 10 pieces of clothing. Next to the wax , you also need an ironing board and a sufficiently hot hair dryer or an iron.

First step – waxing. To do this, put a leg on the ironing board and wake it up completely on one side. This is easiest with the edge of the wax block.

Second step – heating the wax. The hair dryer proved not very suitable, as he gives off enough heat. Thus, the melting of the wax so that it can be, right would become cumbersome and tedious. That is why I have taken to the iron. On medium heat that worked fast and also perfectly (see 2nd photo below). Finally, after I was done with the waxing, I wiped several times over a sheet of paper with the iron, to make sure that any wax residue at the bottom of the iron will be removed.

Whether this unique action sufficient to make the pants also water-proof or sealing, or whether I must repeat the waxing, I can test on the weekend if there will actually be rain.

On the side of Fjällräven there is the Guide to the care and all other information concerning the G-1000 material to read again.