Gear 2 Smartwatch-Better Than Galaxy Gear?

Just 6 months ago, Samsung Galaxy Gear has unveiled the first in-house Smartwatch and the Samsung gear 2, the successor appears a few months later.

This rapid improvement of the first model suggests that Samsung fans had to complain about some things, like for example the lack of a music player, and the company wanted to quickly implement improvements. And with the new Samsung gear 2 this also succeeded in my opinion. In this article a picture make you what improvements the gear 2 compared to the predecessor model Galaxy gear has and whether is worth the purchase of the new version of the Smartwatch about can you.

Gear 2-The Next Smartwatch By Samsung

Samsung introduced two fundamental changes in the new gear 2. One of the biggest is that the South Korean developers instead of the mobile Google Android operating system to set, for the first time its new on-site mobile operating system “Tizen” has integrated into the new Smartwatch. Thus, Samsung Google moved away and does his own thing. As one of the world’s largest developer of consumer electronics, the companies can afford this train. The second novelty is that two variants of the new gear 2 labeled “gear 2″ and gear 2 neo” to come on the market. The differences will be probably pretty low. Come but to the actual comparison between the predecessor model and the new gear 2.

Smartwatch Comparison: Galaxy Gear Vs Gear 2

The next generation of the Smartwatch Samsung so you can say already anticipates brings many improvements, have been missing users in the first version. Water resistance, dust-and scratch resistance, infrared include sensor, a longer battery life, a Heart rhythm for example an integrated music player to listen to music on the way, monitor and bracelets that can be changed. In addition now works a 1 GHZ dual core processor inside the Smartwatch and the camera is flat as the entire clock. Samsung has built also a home button on the iPhone. This makes the navigation of the Smartwatch much easier. As you can see the Smartwatch to some essential points has improved and if you ask me it is worthwhile upgrade probably on the new version, assuming you get the Galaxy gear on, but for Smartwatches in General, especially if they are still fully functional should pose no problem. For everyone else, it means perhaps yet further: wait on the Smartwatch by Apple.