General Mobile DST11

The price of DST11 was initially well over 200 euros but is now vigorously fallen: is the unit currently at Amazon for around 170 euros. The DST11 is absolutely suitable for Pocket and on top of that very well.

The slider is stable, the typical plastic housings creaking on pressure was not to elicit the phone. What requires concentration when handling is slightly too small troubled navigation key, all other controls are easy to handle and respond to all of them with a clear pressure point.

The display is quite small and reflects strongly. The two SIMs find place here under the battery that is well-fitting, recessed into the housing. The two slots are numbered: number one supports three GSM frequency bands (900/1800/1900) and is ready for use in the United States, the second transmitter and receiver is limited to the usual European frequencies (900/1800).

Remember you should here like all dual-SIM models, which card is in the slot, because at the start, the DST11 queries one after the other the PIN-codes of the two cards. The registration in the network took some time for all candidates, then can decide each push of a button, which SIM card you want to – hold no matter whether you are looking for a number from the address book, select, will send an SMS or an MMS.

Overall the DST11 can be quite easy to use and offers a clear, useful structured menu. Environment profiles (but always for both cards), SMS counter separately according to SIM card or a voice recorder, which records also make calls, your phone with handy Extras shines.

Despite 1.3-megapixel camera, music player, 1 GB memory card and the simple image editing: Overall the DST11 especially to make phone calls and text input thanks advisable to send SMS. The sound is weighted towards the reception centers and thus very easy to understand.

Bottom line: Together with the Emgeton noble is the fanciest currently dual-SIM phone, offers the price but less facilities.