Giorgio Armani Stars in the Last Campaign of His Signature

It seems that the prestigious Italian designer Giorgio Armani It has been “chef before Friar” and already posed as a model long ago, so it has decided to launch and be your own signature image in an announcement of its line of made-to-measure tailoring. It is the first time that Giorgio Armani, 79 years old, decides to advertise if same.

But not only that, but also the photography He has done that he uses. What is clear is the center of attention of its new campaign Made to measure line ( Made to measure), it has become a multimillion-dollar designer that appears in a black and white photo.

According to statements by the Italian to WWD :

I like the idea of being his testimony, with a jacket and a tie and present me with a different picture of which people normally I associate.

Indeed, far from his usual black t-shirt and jeans, Armani wears an impeccable costume dark in a white shirt and dark tie, and hard for us to believe that we are facing (almost) an octogenarian.

Launched in 2006, the tailor made tailored Armani focuses on what Armani calls “sartorial attention”, allows the customer Book appointment, choose fabrics, cuts, finishes deciding… Vamos a tailoring of a lifetime, with the difference of a new web site where you see all of the above.

The campaign will be released in early October, so we can immediately see to Giorgio Armani starring in the last campaign of his signature.